The Inked Boys Calendar 2018 + (Four Free Posters)

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The Inked Boys Calendar 2018 + (Four Free Posters)

In order to buy this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

  • Four Free posters with each Calendar.
  • 28 full-color photographs.
  • Features Inked Guys Models showing Tattoos.
  • Contains enough hot men to keep you fantasizing all year long. 
  • Ample space for note taking.
  • We ship worldwide

Reviews (333)


Written by Laurie Arsenault on Jun 19th 2018


Got it :)

Written by Jennifer on Jun 15th 2018

Thank you boys <3

Just Wow!!

Written by Phoebe Godin on Apr 17th 2018

Wow sexy as hell


Written by Lindsey Chavis on Apr 7th 2018

2017 was better


Written by Cherry cardwell on Apr 6th 2018

Love the calendar, great photos.

2018 Calendar

Written by Cathy on Mar 17th 2018

Sexy hot men :)


Written by Helen Diane Green on Mar 9th 2018

Love it.its tasteful and all the men are yummy


Written by Valerie Hunt on Mar 9th 2018

Love it guys keep it up


Written by Janine lovell on Feb 15th 2018

Got this one for a friend and she is so happy with it. Thanks so much i cannot wait for the app to go live.

Good Stuffs

Written by tara l hodgkinson on Feb 12th 2018

I love your products

2018 Ink Boys Calendar - order no: #1062286

Written by Maree Amey on Feb 11th 2018

Sexy men :)

2018 calendar

Written by Catherine Gallagher on Feb 11th 2018

Great calendar

Inked Boys calendar 2018

Written by Eric Zimmerman on Feb 9th 2018

It is getting better every year


Written by Amiee Neamon on Feb 4th 2018

Love my calendar

2018 Calendar

Written by Melanie on Feb 4th 2018

Loving my calendar...2018 will be a great year with these wonderful pics to look at everyday! Thx so much!


Written by april short on Feb 3rd 2018

very nice!

Inked boys calendar

Written by Dawn Kendall on Feb 3rd 2018

I bought this as a leaving present for a work colleague and he loved it. The look on his face was priceless.

2018 Calendar

Written by Brittney Stough on Feb 3rd 2018

oh my days


Written by Emma on Jan 31st 2018

This is so hot! I want one lol

Calendar review

Written by Natasha on Jan 17th 2018

Sexy, distracting and well worth purchasing.


Written by Debbie Barkby on Jan 17th 2018

Good year :)


Written by Rhonda bellvC on Jan 17th 2018


2018 calender

Written by Georgia on Jan 17th 2018

Best Gift :)


Written by Beverley Herkimer on Jan 17th 2018

Loved the calendar, great looking guys. Fast delivery

Good calendar

Written by Phoebe Godin on Jan 17th 2018

I liked last all years and this year


Written by Kristyn Bowman on Jan 17th 2018

Omg! Love it. Thank you! Definitely brightens my day at work

Calendar review

Written by Erica Squires on Jan 16th 2018

This is my third year buying the calendar and I plan to continue to purchase it every year. I love the quality of the paper and the photos, and enjoy the pictures a lot.


Written by B on Jan 13th 2018

Awesome quality and a great price.


Written by JOEY CAPONEGRO on Jan 11th 2018


Sexy men

Written by ariel R. on Jan 11th 2018

The calendar is the best Item I've ever purchased! The men are so gorgeous and hot. I will keep the pictures long after the year is over!

2018 Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Tammy on Jan 10th 2018

sexy :)

2018 Calender

Written by Lorna on Jan 10th 2018

awesome calender, great pictures, took no time to arrive thanks


Written by Donna Barton on Jan 10th 2018

I always get so excited when I'm waiting for my new calendar to arrive. The Inked Boys surely know how to make each month very interesting! Love all the hard work you guys put into making the great calendars!!!!


Written by Kim Davis on Jan 9th 2018

Awesome calendar

2018 calendar

Written by Ken Anthony on Jan 9th 2018

Great calendar well put together with many tasty images I will for sure get next year calendar.


Written by Amanda on Jan 9th 2018


Inked boys calendar

Written by Debra Maher on Jan 6th 2018

Even tho it arrived late it was worth waiting for


Written by Kristie Robison on Jan 6th 2018

Great Job guys


Written by Jennifer Spencer on Jan 6th 2018

I love my calendar, the men are hot as hell.


Written by Izzy on Jan 5th 2018

Thank you boys

Amazing calendar

Written by sandra van duser on Jan 5th 2018

Love love love it. I'm not a very pretty girl and guys don't find me attractive so the calendar gives me something nice to look at. Thank You.

inked boys calendar

Written by Dave Bertrand on Jan 5th 2018


Inked boys calendar

Written by Sara rivers on Jan 4th 2018

I love it!.


Written by Susan Perzan on Jan 4th 2018

I bought two of these calendars for Xmas gifts. One for my sister and one for my daughter. They were the talk of the morning. Can't wait for next years

My calendar

Written by Tracy on Jan 3rd 2018

Very Happy

Good product

Written by Mjt on Jan 2nd 2018

The images are well printed, and the posters are lovely


Written by Sheila on Jan 1st 2018

It's great I love it!!

Calender 2018

Written by Brian Danbom on Dec 31st 2017

Amazing photos!!!

Review of producT

Written by Sandrine on Dec 31st 2017

Happy Holidays to me lol

2018 Calandar

Written by Crystal Lewis on Dec 31st 2017

I bought this for my niece and she loves it. Actually several members of my family love it.


Written by Sacha Downing on Dec 30th 2017

Sexy Males

Amazing service

Written by Chris on Dec 29th 2017

Thanks guys

Calendar and posters

Written by Tina on Dec 29th 2017

Great calendar and posters. I just wish the new year would hurry so I can put it up. I recommend buying from this site

2018 Calendar

Written by Nicole on Dec 29th 2017



Written by Janine lovell on Dec 28th 2017

Worth the wait for sure Thanks

Inked boys calendar and posters

Written by Malia chennault on Dec 27th 2017

Love my new calendar and posters!


Written by Amanda Newcomer on Dec 27th 2017

I love it


Written by Andrew d on Dec 24th 2017

What a wonderful surprise! The photography is stunning. It makes you wish for a calendar page per week instead of per month. Maybe something to think about...

Re reviEw

Written by Barbara smith on Dec 15th 2017

I loved the calendar again this year keep it up

2018 calendar

Written by Stephanie Jones on Dec 14th 2017

In love!!! Thank you!!

2018 calendar

Written by Brandy remole on Dec 12th 2017

Love the calendar and the tattoos. All the Tattoos give me ideas for mine.


Written by kerry jolliffe on Dec 8th 2017

wow what can I say all the guys are so yummy , love it


Written by Debbie on Dec 8th 2017

Smokin hot


Written by Donna Flood on Dec 8th 2017

I love the calendar

Calendar review

Written by Johann Clarke on Dec 8th 2017

Again I've purchased your calendar and I am NOT disappointed. Amazing

Lovely pieces of art

Written by Terri Annette Skelton on Dec 7th 2017

This calendar is beautiful. The pictures are both classy and hot! Loving every page! It is everything I hoped for and more!


Written by Rachelle on Dec 7th 2017

I got this as a Christmas gift for my sister :)


Written by Elissa Arnel on Dec 5th 2017

Sexy Year It Is lol


Written by Bri on Dec 5th 2017

Thank you boys <3

Calendar review———-awesome as always

Written by P on Dec 5th 2017

Loving the calendar again guys...... would love to see a mature version next year of over 35-40 yr olds and some theamed pics xxxxxxxxx

Great product

Written by Megan on Dec 3rd 2017

I get a handful of these calendars every year for a couple of girlfriends, and we are NEVER disappointed with the product. Thank you!! Always quick postage as well, surprises me every time :)

Review of Calendar.

Written by Zackery Hayes on Dec 3rd 2017

One of the greatest calendars I've ever owned!!!!!!

Inked boys calendar

Written by Colleen Martin on Dec 2nd 2017

Loved the pictures :)

Calendar review

Written by Melanie on Dec 2nd 2017

I ordered the calendar last year and was very pleased. This year is even better :)


Written by Danielle on Dec 1st 2017

Happy with the calendar!


Written by Paige Gazaway on Nov 30th 2017

ordered the calender for a friend for Christmas and got one for me I love it and I know she will too

The tib calendar

Written by Tracey Gibb on Nov 29th 2017

I am always extremely satisfied with your calendar.

Calendar review

Written by Sean Rutherford on Nov 29th 2017

I absolutely love the calendar! I have a stressful job and when I get home I can see this and immediately relax!

Inked boys calendar

Written by Tracey Penfold on Nov 29th 2017

There are nice pics

Really Good :)

Written by Allan on Nov 29th 2017

Love you guys! SO HOT!!

2018 calendar

Written by Amber on Nov 29th 2017

Amazing pictures and great price! Definitely worth it.

Calendar 2018

Written by Amanda Allan on Nov 29th 2017

So hot


Written by Richard Odell Gibson on Nov 29th 2017

Love the calendar great pics I will be ordering 2019 as well

2018 Calendar

Written by Madonna Hoskins on Nov 29th 2017

This will be my 3rd calendar from the Inked Boys and yet again you guys don't disappoint. Every year gets better and better. I even have my mother excited about the calendars. Especially the posters. Keep up the good work and I'll keep on buying.


Written by Wendy Fontanez on Nov 29th 2017

Every girl needs a lil eye candy..., and I'm a girl with a BIG sweet tooth


Written by Kev on Nov 29th 2017

Love it

product review

Written by Melinda tucker on Nov 28th 2017

The Inked Boys calendar I received was beautifully & tastefully done. I love it!


Written by Holly Reed on Nov 25th 2017

Loved it


Written by Renee on Nov 24th 2017

Love all the yummy pictures


Written by Shannon M FAHEY on Nov 24th 2017

It's Awesome & SEXXY AF

Reply to your email

Written by Rebecca Edwards on Nov 24th 2017

I was very happy an very pleased with my purchase an will buy more items soon thank you for your time.

Hot calendar

Written by Allan on Nov 24th 2017

I bought this calendar last year as well and it is well worth buying over and over again. The photos of the hot tattooed guys are steamy and get you imagination going wild. Can't wait until 2019 calendar goes on sale.

2018 calendar

Written by Shari Workman on Nov 24th 2017

Loooove it! Great pics! Oh the calendar part is ok too....

Calendar 2018

Written by Christopher on Nov 24th 2017

Love it

Inked boys calendaR 2018

Written by AnthOny on Nov 23rd 2017

Thanks Guy


Written by Melissa Henker on Nov 23rd 2017

Awesome men!

2018 calendar

Written by Traci on Nov 23rd 2017


2018 Calendar Review

Written by Mary Nieto on Nov 20th 2017

I love the calendar its very nice and colourful.

Calender 2018

Written by Petra Gehnen on Nov 19th 2017

The CALENDAR is hot the man sexy So is the CALENDAR very hot and sexy

Calendar 2018

Written by Lyn on Nov 18th 2017

Naughty calendar. Not all my taste but wide variety.


Written by Amanda on Nov 17th 2017

To say I love it is an understatement! Can't wait until January!


Written by Deniselo on Nov 17th 2017

Love it

Review of 2018 Calendar

Written by Cara Coppedge on Nov 17th 2017

Oh lord!!!! This calendar is so hot!!! Every single month is drooly worthy!!! If you don't get this calendar you will miss seeing something wonderful every day!!! I love you inked boys!!! Make my heart, face and other parts smile!!!


Written by Tammi Bentley on Nov 17th 2017

Hello All, I Purchased two Calendars this year, one for me and one for my friend Henry. Love the calendar as well as the newsletter.

Calender order

Written by Becca on Nov 17th 2017

I love the calender I have recieved. Good combination


Written by Eva on Nov 16th 2017



Written by Terri Klem on Nov 16th 2017

Lovely pictures

Review on the calendar

Written by Lori Severson on Nov 16th 2017

I'm really looking forward to the coming up year. To see the inked boys hanging in my house.


Written by Marry on Nov 12th 2017

Great Xmas Gift

2018 calender and free posters

Written by Regan Ross on Nov 11th 2017

Wow, gonna really enjoy looking at all these very sexy men all year long


Written by CourtneY on Nov 11th 2017

Love the calendar, awsome pricing and quick shipping! Thanks guys!


Written by Anna thomas on Nov 10th 2017


2018 Calendar

Written by Darlene Lyman - Wong on Nov 10th 2017

I purchased a inked boys calendar and was very happy with it! It was everything I was expecting. .. and more! It was nice to get the 4 posters with it as well, even the 4 men that live with me have to go through it lol, they say for inspiration! I just want to thank you inked boys for what you do. .... so us ladies get to enjoy your Gorgeous bodies! Again thank you!

the inked boys 2018 calendar

Written by James on Nov 10th 2017

AWESOME! Paper and picture quality are excellent. Very please with my purchase and the speed at which I received it. Way to go!

Review for calendar

Written by Sara Miller on Nov 10th 2017

I love it...great pics

2018 calendar

Written by Lindsay cooper on Nov 10th 2017

must say love it .. plenty of hot guys with very nice tatts. I bought a calendar a few years ago .. will buy one every year

calendar 2018

Written by michele harvey on Nov 8th 2017

i love it!

Great gift idea

Written by Tracy on Nov 8th 2017

I ordered the 2018 calendars as gifts and the girls were very impressed. Ordered last year as well and will continue ordering .


Written by Debra Hunter on Nov 7th 2017

Love it❤️


Written by Amber Stone on Nov 6th 2017

Great calendar, gotta love good eye candy. My girlfriend's even asked where their copy's were. Would like the to see the next one with a little more diversity.

2018 inked boy calendars

Written by Kimberly on Nov 6th 2017

Hot as fuck :)

Got it

Written by Andre on Nov 6th 2017

Thanks Inked Boys <3


Written by Joshua KAUFman on Nov 5th 2017

Great calender and love the posters


Written by Ferolyn Smith on Nov 5th 2017

Absolutely love my calendar. I will be getting more things in the new year.


Written by Taylor on Nov 4th 2017

Love it! :)

Super sexy

Written by Carrie Conrad on Nov 3rd 2017

This calendar is the best thing I have ever bought. Super hot and sexy men.

Calendar Review

Written by Crystal Thompson on Nov 3rd 2017

I love it. I cannot wait to hang it on my wall over my work desk at home and see the amazingly great men everyday!

Loved the calender

Written by Lara Miller on Nov 2nd 2017

Love the calender

2018 Calendar

Written by Danica Anderson on Nov 1st 2017

OMG! OMG! OMG! Complete deliciousness . Thank you <3

Calendar 2018

Written by Bee on Nov 1st 2017

Shut up and take my money

2018 calendar

Written by Charmaine on Nov 1st 2017

Amazing calendar!


Written by TOni floerchinger on Nov 1st 2017

Love it. Gave three as gifts. You guys are....!

2018 calendar

Written by Deanna copeland on Oct 31st 2017

I will tell you one thing! This calendar is the best so far! Thumbs up

2018 Calendar

Written by Sharon on Oct 30th 2017

Had to wait a while for this to fly across to the UK but was well worth waiting for. I love it !

Hot and sizzling

Written by Denise Whelan on Oct 30th 2017

This calendar is absolutely delicious. These guys a gorgeous. Each month you have a drop-dead, panty-melting gorgeous guy, to stare at each day, lol! The added pictures are a huge bonus.


Written by sabrinia laird on Oct 30th 2017

Absolutely love the calenders. Bought 2 this yr giving one to my resently divorced sister as a gift.

Inked boys calendar

Written by Jennifer Homan on Oct 30th 2017

I love the calendar and have the posters that came with it over my bed..... I also bought tee shirts and underwear...


Written by Mandy on Oct 30th 2017

The product itself is good and the 8x10 posters were as expected.


Written by Tracie on Oct 29th 2017

Love it


Written by Jean on Oct 28th 2017

Love it, I will be ordering every yr

Inked boys calendar

Written by Diana L Wilson on Oct 28th 2017

Classic inked boys quality..

Awesome Calendar

Written by Leanna on Oct 28th 2017

I would definitely buy more products.. Posters. Magazine etc ;)

Calendar :)

Written by Jenn on Oct 28th 2017

Best calendar I've ever bought! Great tattoos on hot guys. One downside - they are wearing to much clothing.


Written by Rebecca on Oct 26th 2017

Made my day xx

2018 calendar

Written by Triche on Oct 26th 2017


2018 inked Boys calender

Written by Christina Dolling on Oct 25th 2017

Love this calendar the posters are fantastic

2018 calendar

Written by Nikki on Oct 25th 2017

I love it!

Review of Inked Calander 2018

Written by Sharon Richmond on Oct 25th 2017

I Love this just as much as last years, Woot Woot.

2018 Inked Boys Calander

Written by Teresa McLean on Oct 17th 2017

Well done!

2018 Calendar

Written by Lorraine on Oct 17th 2017

Love it!!

Very happy

Written by Heidi on Oct 16th 2017

Thank you guys, I can honestly say there's no disappointment from where I'm sitting


Written by Jesseka on Oct 16th 2017

Love it.

2018 calendar

Written by Mari on Oct 16th 2017

Once again the boys put together an incredible calendar. Gorgeous men, incredible tats, what more could you ask for? I'd vote for more months in the year so we'd have more pictures to look at.

Review of 2018 calendar + 4 free posters

Written by Julia on Oct 15th 2017

You guys are so hot where I can find one?

Review OF 2018 Calendar That I got recently

Written by Julia Brandon on Oct 15th 2017

Quick delivery :)

Love it

Written by Sonya on Oct 15th 2017

Was not disappointed


Written by Michelle Sigurdson I on Oct 15th 2017

Love these calendars make great Christmas gifts

Purchase review

Written by Liz Cabral on Oct 15th 2017

I ordered the 2018 calendar and just like last years calendar I love it. The ordering process was super easy and the shipping was very quick. The pictures and the guys are hot and sexy and the calendar is very well put together. I will continue to order it yearly if available. Love the bonus posters. Forever a fan.

Review for 2018 calend

Written by Kristin K O'Domes on Oct 15th 2017

Wonderful and amazingly sexy calendar


Written by Jenn on Oct 14th 2017

Ordered mine on time :)


Written by Crystal on Oct 10th 2017

Every year is getting better and better xoxo

Review of product

Written by Jennifer on Oct 8th 2017

Marry me omg sexy as fuck


Written by Stephanie ianniello on Oct 8th 2017

Love David and Mike <3


Written by Amber on Oct 7th 2017

Do I have to tell you how happy I am? Thank you boys

2018 calendar

Written by beccy on Oct 7th 2017

Amazing gift


Written by Christine on Oct 6th 2017

Happy lady here :)


Written by Courtney on Oct 6th 2017

Can't wait for next year's calender. The guys are nice to look at. And the posters are amazing. Love it.


Written by Shari Workman on Oct 6th 2017

Love calendar! Look at a Different hot man every month!

2018 Calendar

Written by Leon on Oct 5th 2017

WOW is all I can say! Perfect! I hope you never stop making them! LOL


Written by Shari Workman on Oct 5th 2017

Love looking at gorgeous men! Plus I get a new one every month!!

2018 calander

Written by Stephanie Wise on Oct 4th 2017

I received mine with my tank and it's so fun!! Thank you!


Written by Billie on Oct 3rd 2017

Thank you so muuch

Impressed :)

Written by Kassie Thomas on Oct 2nd 2017

Got mine and I love it! Bought my bestie one and about to surprise her

Received my order Yay

Written by Emily on Oct 2nd 2017

I am so happy I got to know about this lol

2018 calendar?!?!

Written by Mish Gubbels on Oct 2nd 2017

Got mine.....very happy!!

2018 calendar <3

Written by Gerry Gainey on Oct 2nd 2017

Got mine yesterday!!!!!


Written by Jackie Middleton on Sep 30th 2017

I never threw away last years and I ordered this year too!

2018 Calender

Written by Tammie Grezaud on Sep 29th 2017

Love it came fast.

Love you

Written by Shawnena Lincoln Star on Sep 27th 2017

I have this calendar and their shirts.

2018 inked calendars

Written by Heather on Sep 26th 2017



Written by Jacky Beveridge on Sep 26th 2017

I received my calander today and just want to thank you for brighting my you guys.....xxxx


Written by Mari Dots on Sep 26th 2017

what is better than 2017 calendar? 2018 calendar!! Its amazing, got mine today, I'm going to wrap it up for me for Christmas. ;) Best present ever!


Written by Robin Smith on Sep 25th 2017

I received my calendar today. I must say, damn! It sure made my heart beat faster even if I am old enough to be mom to every man lol.

Calander 2018

Written by Katarzyna on Sep 24th 2017

I am so happy here :)

How Can I Hug You?!

Written by Sara on Sep 24th 2017

Good God I need a hug

Callender 2018

Written by Dani Walker on Sep 23rd 2017

Can you please make one nude 12 months lol

I buy one every year for my friend and I.

Written by Leah on Sep 23rd 2017

Love the calendar! My friend and I get excited every year for them :) he already has the posters up on his fridge, and I love how the calendar now has the whole on the top. First year I got one, it did not have in and so the push pin kinda made a little mess over the year, nothing terrible but now this makes the calenders even better. Thanks!

Cal 2018

Written by Bree on Sep 22nd 2017

You guys keep getting sexier every year wow

Ordered and Got it :)

Written by Sylke Pampus on Sep 22nd 2017

I am wondering if you guys have plans to have this Calendar on phones

Calendar 2018

Written by Jesse on Sep 22nd 2017

Thank you guys


Written by Annie Ostrowski on Sep 21st 2017

Yummy is the only thought I have at the moment.


Written by Hannah on Sep 19th 2017

I received my calendar last week. I love it


Written by HB on Sep 19th 2017

Received my Inked Boys calendar and opened with glee. Beautiful. You've out done yourselves. Double trouble just about every month (February - you're still glorious on your own), and Christmas with a smile (my fav, although it's admittedly a difficult choice). Posters are already on display - and a jealous flat mate who keeps trying to steal them, but I'm not sharing! (link shared to calendar, she can buy her own) I am a contented and happy woman who will be purchasing again next year. Hugs n kisses from NZ

2018 calendar

Written by Courtney Arey on Sep 18th 2017

It is amazing.


Written by Jackie on Sep 18th 2017



Written by Rachael Riley on Sep 18th 2017

Love the calendar and the four poster


Written by Patricia Davis on Sep 18th 2017

Love this calendar!!!

2018 Inked BOYS Calendar

Written by Jan Young on Sep 18th 2017

The monthly pictures are beautiful and I love everything about both the calendar and the eye candy. The 4 free posters are a nice bonus. The calendar is well worth the price

Calendar 2018

Written by laurie on Sep 18th 2017

Amazing :)

Review on 2018 calendar

Written by Christine on Sep 18th 2017

My friends are jealous lol

Review on 2018 calendar

Written by Jeanne on Sep 18th 2017



Written by Sue peTers on Sep 18th 2017

Love my calendar. Got first one as a Xmas present and now I order it for myself every year. Keep me coming. And keep me dreaming.


Written by Stefani on Sep 18th 2017

Loved the calendar and they guys in it WOW!!!!


Written by Jeanette jordan on Sep 18th 2017

Gorgeous. Can't wait until 2018 to start using it everyday..............

Calendar 2018

Written by Andrea Jernegan on Sep 17th 2017

Oh my


Written by REbeka morris on Sep 17th 2017

I love my posters and calender

2018 calander

Written by Melissa on Sep 17th 2017

Its amazing. All of the models are handsome, and have great ink. Love it


Written by Brett on Sep 17th 2017

The calendar is all good ;-) hot!

Love theM inked boYs!!

Written by Tricia on Sep 16th 2017

I've been getting the calendar for the last three years and I have loved it every single time!!! Best way to start and end the day is seeing these sexy men!!!

Review of 2018 calendar + 4 free posters

Written by Bethany on Sep 16th 2017

Can I just have 5 minutes with them????

2018 cAlendar

Written by Kim on Sep 16th 2017

Hello gorgeous

Ink b

Written by Wendy Claudius on Sep 16th 2017

Very happy with calendar will definitely buy again next year


Written by Jessica Penner on Sep 16th 2017



Written by heather woodson on Sep 16th 2017

You guys are AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work!

calendar 2018

Written by lisa on Sep 15th 2017

4 posters and a calendar, very nice pictures ;) Thanks for smiles

Calendar 2018

Written by Amanda on Sep 15th 2017


Calendar 2018

Written by Amy on Sep 15th 2017


Fucking hot

Written by Amanda on Sep 14th 2017

Mike Chabot!!!! Looking great

Not Disappointed At All lol

Written by Sharz on Sep 13th 2017

Can you just ship the men.. fck


Written by Darren steele on Sep 13th 2017

This callender is Awesome Well Done


Written by Rachael Mangrubang on Sep 13th 2017

Product came in good time. Everything was well protected and arrived in perfect condition.


Written by Joyce Girard on Sep 13th 2017

I'm drooling already lol I want this for Christmas

Cal 2018

Written by Jamie Huffman on Sep 13th 2017

Whooooa! Hellooo Hotty Blue Eyes


Written by Dawn on Sep 12th 2017

For fuck sake yummmm


Written by Margaret Hutchens on Sep 11th 2017

It was fun going through the months, seeing what the next year has in store! Wink wink. Even more fun is that I bought one for a friend's birthday in December and she has no idea. But she'll love it.

2018 calendar

Written by Sara on Sep 11th 2017

Absolutely love the Inked Boys Calendar!

Love the inked Boys!!!!

Written by Amanda.Hatfield on Sep 10th 2017

Love the inked boys!!!! I haven't received my calendar and posters yet but I know I'm loving it!!! A Girl loves to see some good looking men with some badass tats!! Keep posting PLEASE ;)


Written by Jessica on Sep 10th 2017

Love it

2018 calendar

Written by Tim on Sep 9th 2017

I will buy it from now on every year

2018 calender

Written by Casey on Sep 9th 2017

Love it

Review of 2018 calendar + 4 free posters

Written by Anny on Sep 8th 2017

I just love it :)

calendar 2018

Written by Paul on Sep 8th 2017

Sexy as always

On Time

Written by Perla on Sep 8th 2017

I wish I ordered more but I will soon

Cal 2018

Written by Sam on Sep 7th 2017

Why not lol


Written by undefined on Sep 7th 2017

How come I just found you guys!!!!

2018 calender

Written by Sadie Michelle on Sep 7th 2017

Nice pictures


Written by Karen O'Keefe on Sep 7th 2017

Got mine last wk ;) love it


Written by Robert Bush JR on Sep 6th 2017

Very sexy and handsome men


Written by Helen on Sep 6th 2017

I've just received the calendar for 2018 OMFG I've now got to put it somewhere safe until January


Written by Amber on Sep 6th 2017

XMAS Gift :)

My first order ever

Written by Julie Evans on Sep 6th 2017

I needed this Calendar in my life

Calendar 2018

Written by Sheryl Waterman on Sep 6th 2017

in my room and I am just dreaming lol

Let me catch my breath

Written by Dana Riddick on Sep 5th 2017

Let me catch my breath holy fuck

I love it

Written by Nikki Passmore on Sep 5th 2017

Thank you guys I love it

2018 Calendar

Written by Mina on Sep 5th 2017

Sexy Guys With Tattoos

2018 Calendar

Written by Zouzou on Sep 5th 2017

I am very impressed OMG


Written by Cathy on Sep 5th 2017

Happy Birthday to Me <3

Inked boys calendar

Written by Candy on Sep 4th 2017

I am in love <3

Calendar 2018

Written by Jessica on Sep 3rd 2017

Thank you guys the shipping was quick :)

Calendar n 4 free posters

Written by Kourtney on Sep 3rd 2017

Love my Calendar and love my posters


Written by Kassie Thomas on Sep 3rd 2017

You guys have improved! This is my 5th year

2018 calendar

Written by Patricia M. on Sep 3rd 2017

I love the calendar, but how about putting in some "everyday kind of men" not all models? Do not get me wrong, most women love the models, but there is nothing wrong with a construction worker, a fireman or a labourer ~ they may not have the 6 pack but they can also be HOT as a model! Keep up the great work! Patricia from Canada

Best Xmas Gift

Written by Patrica Duran on Sep 3rd 2017

Best Xmas Gift


Written by Leah Marie Ybarra on Sep 3rd 2017

Love you all


Written by Nicole Roy on Sep 3rd 2017

Fast delivery and great pictures in the calendar plus it was on sale saved 5$


Written by Tonya Rimrod on Sep 3rd 2017

Can not handle all the sexiness in this calendar


Written by Mary Spence on Sep 2nd 2017

I think I will order more copies give them on Christmas to family and freinds


Written by Kim on Sep 2nd 2017

So happy


Written by Dany on Sep 2nd 2017

Nice pic's :)


Written by Elizabeth on Sep 2nd 2017

Looking forward to the beginning of the year looking at all those sexy men love the posters also


Written by Lucy on Sep 2nd 2017

Sexy Guys With tattoos love it

Love my product

Written by Shawna Foss on Sep 2nd 2017

Thank you guys I really love it a lot

my calendar order

Written by Joanna Pomo on Sep 1st 2017

I will never get enough! Love me Boys with Tattoos


Written by Kat Daniels on Sep 1st 2017

What else you can ask! OMG!!!

The 2018 calendar

Written by Christina on Aug 31st 2017

Every year I buy it and every year I love it more

I received it! yay!!

Written by Angie Diaz on Aug 31st 2017

I received it! yay!!

2018 Ink Boys Calendar

Written by Shanon Anuszkiewicz on Aug 31st 2017

I am so lucky to find you guys

my review

Written by Helen Davies on Aug 29th 2017

It's amazing xx


Written by Alysha Rooney on Aug 29th 2017



Written by Kellie on Aug 29th 2017


Handsome models

Written by Deam Murdaugh on Aug 29th 2017

Handsome models, excellent photography. Appreciated the extra "posters".

My Birthday Present

Written by Nicole on Aug 29th 2017

This must be the best BD present I have got ever xoxo

Calendar 2018

Written by Diane on Aug 28th 2017

Oh my goodness!!

Eye Candy

Written by Rachel Minckler on Aug 28th 2017

I feel like im in a candy store lol

Love it

Written by Jen Hamilton on Aug 28th 2017

Love love The Inked Boys


Written by Cindy on Aug 26th 2017

It is getting better every year :)

2018 CalendaR

Written by Catherine surth on Aug 26th 2017

Love the calendar gorgeous and sexy guys!!

2017 Calendar

Written by Jessica Woods on Aug 24th 2017

There are no words to say just how sexy you are im just amazed all you guys on Inked Boy take it to a hole new level

2018 calendar

Written by Hally on Aug 24th 2017

Sexy Bodies and the Tattoos are really nice.

Inked boys calendar

Written by AngE on Aug 24th 2017

Love it! Great pics, will make great presents for a couple of chics who love a buff, tattoo'd lad!


Written by Amanda on Aug 23rd 2017



Written by Regina Wilson on Aug 23rd 2017

I absolutely love the calendar... I order one every year... The inked Boy's are simply the best...

Inked Boys 2018 Calendar

Written by Tamatha on Aug 23rd 2017

The 2018 Calendar has a lot to enjoy. Good looking men, lots of tattoos, and lots of eye candy. I would highly recommend this calendar to brighten anyone's day.


Written by Carrie on Aug 23rd 2017

I enjoy the artfulness of the pics. 2018 will be a good year (to look at)


Written by Anna on Aug 23rd 2017

Congratulations, classy calendar for 2018. Will look very nice hanging in the staff room for 11 girls.

inked boys calendar 2018

Written by jESSI on Aug 23rd 2017



Written by Karen Berzins on Aug 22nd 2017

I love my Inked Boys calendar. I have been buying for 3 years now and I plan to keep it up.

Inked boys calendar 2018

Written by Michele on Aug 21st 2017

Simply amazing. I love these guys.

2018 calendar

Written by Jessica on Aug 21st 2017

I took advantage of the pre-order of the 2018 calendar. They handled the matter like true professionals and I can't wait to order from them again.

Calendar 2018

Written by Shelley Stock on Aug 21st 2017

Love you inked boys xoxo


Written by April Beebe on Aug 20th 2017

I love my calendar. I have it hanging behind my bedroom door. I see it every night when I go to bed and when I wake in the morning.

Love all the photos

Written by Corey Rainer on Aug 20th 2017

Thank you thank you YAY!!!! lol

2018 calender

Written by Lee cole on Aug 20th 2017

Just want to say I'm very excited I received my calendar. As always it isn't a disappointment. Great job guys!


Written by Christine Daniels on Aug 20th 2017

Pictures are beautiful. Major holidays are there. Would recommend this calendar.

Calendar 2018

Written by Tiffany Beauvais on Aug 20th 2017

How can I hug you one of you lol

2018 Calendar

Written by Jennifer Mastrovito on Aug 20th 2017

Service was awesome. Original order was lost and a replacement was swnt out...Love the calendar!


Written by Kathleen Kete on Aug 20th 2017

Where are in the world have you been all my life

2018 calendar

Written by Blanca Sanchez on Aug 20th 2017

Sexy as fuck!!!

calendars and posters

Written by Jacqueline Tietze on Aug 19th 2017

Love the free posters :) Thank you

2018 calendar

Written by Ashelli Pond on Aug 19th 2017

I've never regretted a purchase from you guys xx

Calenda 2018 pre order by one get one free

Written by Julie Carson-Black on Aug 19th 2017

I got my order on time :)


Written by Ressiet Tate on Aug 19th 2017

Can't be happier xoxo


Written by Lisa Marie on Aug 19th 2017

I Love Them. Definitely Worth The Money. Bonus Posters were Amazing


Written by Sandra on Aug 19th 2017

All the featured guys are hot hot hot!!!! OMG

TIB Calendar

Written by Armand on Aug 19th 2017

This is my second year to order an Inked Boys calendar. I check the calendar out every day so why not enjoy it! You have a great product with gorgeous men.

2018 calendar

Written by Rachael on Aug 19th 2017

After a slight hiccup with shipping that TIB remedied quickly I received my calendar and boy was it worth the wait!! Beautiful calendar!


Written by Christianne Acosta on Aug 19th 2017

I git mine and I am happy :)


Written by Christina on Aug 19th 2017

The calendar is perfect & all the guys are HOT, HOT, HOT! I love the 4 free posters that came with it too!!!!

Inked Boys 2018 Calendar

Written by Richelle Burke on Aug 19th 2017

HOT! HOT! HOT!....I am never dissapointed~thankyou!

I bought 2 caldenars to get 2 feee and was only shipped 3

Written by Tricia Pulley on Aug 19th 2017

Great Photos xoxo


Written by kelly cooper on Aug 19th 2017


The inked boys calender 2018

Written by Philip Munro on Aug 19th 2017

First class service and my purchase arrived when they said it would . I am very pleased with the purchase . Thank you once again for another delivery . Yours faithfully . Philip Munro .

2018 Inked boys calendar

Written by julia Cockshott on Aug 19th 2017

AWESOME, love it


Written by Jennifer W on Aug 19th 2017

Love my calendar. Will definitely be a yearly purchase as long as they're available!


Written by Tricia Pulley on Aug 19th 2017

Now I have the Calendar and the Playing cards! I am a happy lady lol

The inked boys calendar

Written by Ann Marie Gouchie on Aug 19th 2017

I love the calendar and the posters that came with it. Actually I received a second calendar with my order and plan on giving it as a gift to a friend. I received my order very close to the date which they said it would arrive. So I was and am happy all the way around. :)


Written by Pamela Boychak on Aug 19th 2017

Very nice eye candy. Love that because I preordered I received 2. I was able to gift the second one to a friend.


Written by Mary on Aug 19th 2017

Thank you guys! You are all awesome xx

Ink boys

Written by Michelle Gasaway on Aug 19th 2017

Loved the calendar and the posters. Awesome.


Written by Karen Miller on Aug 19th 2017

This calendar did not disappoint. Great calendar and hot photos.

Love calendar

Written by Kim on Aug 19th 2017

Love the calendars and shirts daughter and friends loved their gifts from me too..Cant wait to get 2018 calendar


Written by Hayley on Aug 19th 2017

Sexiest Guys Ever :)

2018 TIB Calendar

Written by Roger on Aug 19th 2017

Amazing and worth every penny. Amazing tats displayed.

Review OF TIB calendar&posters

Written by MARY ROBINSON on Aug 18th 2017

I love the calendar that I got and I loved the posters that came with it! They are very very gorgeous men and they look very exotic and anybody who don't buy the calendar, would be their loss! I look forward to buying more stuff from the Inked boys in the future because they are just the best eye candy I've ever seen! Thank you very much for such a beautiful calendar and awesome posters!' Sincerely, Mary Robinson

Deliciously hot

Written by Denise Whelan on Aug 18th 2017

Oh My God, what can I say except these guys are delicious! Each one is just too hot, with great tats! Please keep these calendars going!

2018 Calendar

Written by K. Miller on Aug 18th 2017

OMG you never disappoint. To give an honest review, I had to open the calendar (EARLY), I normally wait to look at the month to get surprised. To get to say, OMFG every 1st of the month. :o Always, Your Nervous Nelly. (K. Miller)

Calender 2018

Written by Sarah on Aug 18th 2017

My 3rd year WOWWW!!!


Written by France joly on Aug 17th 2017

Im extremely happy with the purchase i made calendar 2018 love it and very hot too im definitely gonna buy more of u your worth it tks

As always! As Every year :)

Written by Jasmine on Aug 17th 2017

My fourth year ordering the awesome Inked Boys Calendar. You guys always make me smile <3


Written by Alisa on Aug 15th 2017

Momma Mia!!!!! Hot hot hot!!!!


Written by KIM on Aug 15th 2017

I was the first to have it. SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Written by Amanda on Aug 7th 2017

I can't wait to open it :)

Calendars inked boys

Written by Nancy Tippett on Aug 1st 2017

These boys in these are smoking hot! So hot they sizzle!

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