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How To Extend The Life Of Your T-Shirt


T-shirt Washing Instructions

Keeping your t-shirt in tip top condition will not only make you look great, but will save you money as well.
So the short version of what is written in more detail below.
Make sure you read the care instruction below and make sure to follow the instruction that you received in your t-shirt order. This is the best way to look after your tee. “Failure to Follow These Instructions” might cause shirt damaging and the ink will peel off! So please proceed as follows:
So how do you extend the life of your t-shirt? Here are a few must do's, before you put your t-shirt in the wash.

What is the t-shirt made from?

Most t-shirts we print are 100% Cotton.

Wash t-shirts inside out

This is the most important process you can do to preserve the life of your t-shirt. Turn the shirt inside out before placing it in the washing machine. Most often, when you take off the t-shirt after wearing, it just ends up inside out anyway, so just leave it that way when it goes in the wash. When washing is done, take it out from machine immediately! Don’t leave it in for an extended period of time.

Cool wash

Wash your shirts using cold water. Use Gentle Washing powder or liquid. 

Wash with like colors

Never wash blacks, reds or any dark colors with your white t-shirts. It is best to wash all the similar colors together, as the dye will slowly release out of the t-shirt over time through washing. Wash only whites together. Wash reds together. And wash your darks together.

Hang out to dry

Just hang it out to dry, leave it inside out until it’s dry. Hang it out immediately, don’t leave it in the washing machine for an extended period of time. If you are hanging outside in the sun, make sure it’s inside out. The sun will bleach clothes and hanging inside out will protect the side that you wear (and the print) from sun damage.

Iron Inside Out

Through this whole process the t- shirt is inside out. Leave it that way when you iron the t-shirt. Most prints should not be ironed on directly as this will damage the print. You can place a cloth or a piece of baking paper over the print, but it is recommended that you iron all prints inside out. A medium to hot iron is great for 100% cottons.

Do Not Dry Clean

Do not dry clean t-shirts; it’s not the right material.

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