The Inked Boys Calendar 2022

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The Inked Boys 2022 Calendar

  • Please be advised: this calendar contains full frontal nudity throughout
  • Free posters with each Calendar
  • Size (10.5 x 14 Inches)
  • High Quality Photos
  • Shipped In A Discreet Manner
  • We ship worldwide

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (69)

2021 calenDar

Written by Sherri on Oct 19th 2021

I was impressed with the new layout of the calendar. I bought it for my tattoo artist to hang in her shop. The only thing we were expecting to see is more “INK” as last years was full of awesome work.

GrEat CaleNdar

Written by Nat on Oct 17th 2021

Great Calendar but a magazine would be even better! There’s no full nudity of men available for women, only magazines to cater for men.


Written by Kim Corliss on Oct 17th 2021



Written by Yara on Oct 17th 2021

Arrived on time :)

Great pics

Written by Kyle Webster on Oct 17th 2021

The pics are well done.


Written by Kayla on Oct 17th 2021

Hot men love it

Inked boys caLendaR

Written by Tanya on Oct 16th 2021

What a calendar

The 2022 Calendar

Written by Patrick Leonard Williams on Oct 16th 2021

I love the calendar. The models are smoking hot.

Review My Order

Written by Gina on Oct 16th 2021

Much love

My Calendar order

Written by Candy M on Oct 16th 2021


Inked Boys 2022 calendar

Written by Chris on Oct 16th 2021

The Inked Boys calendars do not disappoint! And they are terrific gifts for your like-minded friends. Excellent communication throughout the shipping process. We definitely look forward to the new calendar each year.


Written by Charmaine on Oct 16th 2021



Written by Kelly Sarre on Oct 14th 2021

Just got my calander it is good but last year's is a lot better


Written by Scott Simpson on Oct 14th 2021

I absolutely love my inked boys 2022 calendar, amazing shots and overall a great way to look at the year to come, wonderful models too

2021 Calendar is Steamy!!

Written by Kimberly Page on Oct 12th 2021

This calendar is one ypu will drool over!


Written by Vallery on Oct 11th 2021

Thank you all for this love it


Written by Hanna N on Oct 11th 2021



Written by Phillip G Meadows on Oct 11th 2021



Written by William E Shy on Oct 10th 2021



Written by Lesha Stollings on Oct 9th 2021

It is all good love it .

Inked boy calendar 22

Written by Lia on Oct 8th 2021


Reiewing 2022 Calendar

Written by John Mark Halas on Oct 8th 2021

Fine photos of beautifully inked men illustrate each month!

2022 Inked men calrndar

Written by ROBERT BAILEY on Oct 8th 2021

If you buy any 2022 calendar, this is the one that you "must have". These inked guys look incredible and will make a superb addition to my wall. Way to go, Inked Boys!

2022 calendar

Written by hal on Oct 8th 2021


Review 2022 Inked boys calendar

Written by Tracy Lee King on Oct 8th 2021


2022 Ink boys Calendar

Written by Caleb Fetters on Oct 8th 2021

My partner and I always love looking at these hot, sexy tattooed men naked ;) I try to but a calendar each year now.

Inked boys calendar

Written by Shara on Oct 7th 2021

Very nice

Inked boys calender

Written by Wimberly on Oct 7th 2021

What else I can say omg.

2022 calendar

Written by Tracey Koss on Oct 7th 2021

Great addition to my wall. Will make my year.


Written by Michael V Gutierrez on Oct 7th 2021

Absolutely love it..both me and my wife really enjoy the pics....even without the months..the pucs are hot


Written by Trevor on Oct 7th 2021

Love it got an extra one as a present for a colleague.


Written by Lia on Oct 7th 2021

I thank you for this guys


Written by Olivia on Oct 7th 2021


Ink boys 2022 caLendar

Written by Tracy on Oct 7th 2021

As usual stunning pictures, great models and the same great quality. Love my calendar.


Written by Becky on Oct 7th 2021

HOT HOT HOT!!! The models are sexy and to die for, great quality photos ... love Inked Boys now and forever! I look forward to these calendars every year!

2022 calendar

Written by Lisa R Fraker on Oct 7th 2021

What can I say they are getting better and better every year ! But nothing is perfect. \


Written by Katty on Oct 7th 2021

Love your products <3


Written by Judy Ocheltree on Oct 7th 2021

Love the calendar,I also purchased the 2019 calendar,love the products,and plan on purchasing in the future,thank you.. definitely a fan favorite of the inked boys...

2022 calendar

Written by Althea on Oct 7th 2021

Models.are sweet... Love the extra inserts Thanks.. Going to enjoy using next year.. Will really lift my spirits

2022 calender

Written by Vallery on Oct 7th 2021

Good job.

2022 calender

Written by Crystal Hicks on Oct 7th 2021

It’s perfect in every way! Great job.

Review cale

Written by Lydia on Oct 7th 2021

It was hot but different from other Previous years

2022 CALendar

Written by Mark on Oct 7th 2021

I had purchased 3 calendars in my order.

2022 calendar

Written by john on Oct 7th 2021

excellent, look forward to revealing each month as the year go's by, its the gift that keeps on giving


Written by Kal Hayashi on Oct 7th 2021

It's a great calendar that I look forward to every year.

Review of 2022

Written by Hala on Oct 7th 2021

Thank you

ReCeived <3

Written by Gel on Oct 7th 2021

Received and OMG

Review My Order

Written by Fazy on Oct 7th 2021

I will be buying from you guys again in the future.


Written by Vanessa St Vrain on Oct 7th 2021

I am very pleased with the pictures and quality of the calendar. I will be shopping with you guys again in the future.

Review 2022 inked boys calendar

Written by Johanna Epp on Oct 7th 2021

I like the calendar and i look forward to future purchases. :-)

2022 calander

Written by Zachary Gaudet on Oct 7th 2021

I had gotten the 2019 calander before this one and absolutely loved it. Not saying this one is bad but I did like that the old one had 1 person per month. This one just has a lot going on but still amazing.

2022 inked boys calendar

Written by Kenneth Quarles on Oct 7th 2021

this makes several years that i have purchased the calendar. love the pictures included in the calendars. the photography is great and the inked naked men are so hot

2022 Calendar

Written by Kelly on Oct 7th 2021

Your calendars are the absolute best!!! This is my 3rd year buying one and i don't see stopping any time soon! Hot men and ink. You can't go wrong!!

2022 calendar

Written by Michele Dorough on Oct 7th 2021

I've gotten a calendar the last 3 years. I have to say I liked the last 2 years a lot better. Don't get me wrong the ones I just got are still very nice, I just liked the layout of the past 2 years.


Written by FARAH on Oct 7th 2021

You guys are the sexiest ever thank you

2022 calendars

Written by Tasha on Oct 7th 2021

I absolutely love the calendar and I can't wait to put it up! I got one for my best friend and we were gushing over the pictures!

Not satisfied

Written by Gel on Oct 7th 2021



Written by Lisa Donahue on Oct 7th 2021

I liked last year's better, photo set up wise but still very pleasant to look at ;-)


Written by Tracey Rickman on Oct 7th 2021

It's ok

Writing a REVIEW

Written by Julia Mary Rachford on Oct 7th 2021

I love the calendar. Every year they get better and better. I love you guy's.


Written by Brian on Oct 7th 2021

Definitely glad I bought. Wasn't disappointed.

Calendar review

Written by Amy on Oct 7th 2021

Love it :)


Written by karen bonet on Oct 7th 2021

Always good to look at each month. Big fan :)

2022 inked calendar

Written by Paul H. Ledet, Jr. on Oct 7th 2021

Where the African American Boys

HoT hot hot !!!

Written by JP on Oct 7th 2021

Purchase previous year’s calendar. Will continue to do so.


Written by Kevin Mitchell on Oct 7th 2021

Great product, bought as gift, product arrived exactly as described

2022 calendar

Written by Darren Jones on Oct 7th 2021

What can I say apart from WOW! There are some seriously tasty looking men on next year's calendar. I thought this years was great but next year's is way better. Easy to order and super fast delivery so what's not to love. Definitely recommended

Review My Order

Written by Amy on Sep 27th 2021


Smoking hot

Written by Darren Jones on Sep 3rd 2021

I purchased the 2021 calendar as I saw the offer on Facebook and was surprised at how smoking hot the guys were as well as the fact you get free posters at the back too. I also loved that it was delivered to the UK without any problems so when I had the email to preorder the 2022 I was on it and ordered them. I definitely recommend it as a gay guy the guys are gorgeous so it's great for fans of hot guys.

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