The Inked Boys Calendar 2021

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The Inked Boys 2021 Calendar

  • Please be advised: this calendar contains full frontal nudity throughout
  • Free posters with each Calendar
  • Size (10.5 x 14 Inches)
  • High Quality Photos
  • Shipped In A Discreet Manner
  • We ship worldwide

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (281)


Written by Jennifer Hultman on Feb 25th 2021

I live my calendar.

2021 Calendar

Written by Kelly Stone on Feb 25th 2021


Calendar review

Written by Robert Eckley on Feb 24th 2021

Its what I was expecting. Came in a fair amount of time.


Written by Dominique Washington on Feb 24th 2021

I love how I recognize some of the guys


Written by Melissa Bernatchez on Feb 19th 2021



Written by Justine Norrbom on Feb 16th 2021


Review My Order

Written by Steven White on Feb 15th 2021



Written by Courtnee on Feb 14th 2021



Written by Natasha birch on Feb 14th 2021

Thank you so much. Again I’m not disappointed the postage was fast look forward to next year’s calendar


Written by Rachael Holt on Feb 14th 2021



Written by Heather on Feb 14th 2021



Written by Heather Sellards on Feb 14th 2021

This is the 2nd year that I have bought the calendar. Each month is a new surprise. All the models are good looking and love all the tattoos

Inked boys CALENDAR

Written by Tammy L Lambert on Feb 14th 2021



Written by Miss Judith L Brain on Feb 14th 2021


Review My Order

Written by Andrew Finnan on Feb 14th 2021


2021 Calendar

Written by Marc on Feb 13th 2021

As always, a great gift.


Written by Erica Paul on Feb 12th 2021

Love it


Written by Tyson green on Feb 11th 2021

Calendar is hot... would love to meet them all


Written by Miss Laura kerwin on Feb 11th 2021



Written by Sarah lovato on Feb 11th 2021

That's the best 20 dollars I have ever spent. I will be getting future calendars... forever


Written by Laura Cater on Feb 10th 2021

I buy this for my daughter every Christmas, absolutely love them

Calendar review

Written by JOHNNY COOK on Feb 10th 2021


Calendar review

Written by Dustin Sizemore on Feb 10th 2021


Calendar 2021

Written by Bridget Bennett on Feb 10th 2021


2021 calander

Written by Penny Baker on Feb 10th 2021

Was verypleased with mycalander didnt know that was full naked,, thought only waist up,,


Written by Gary Mitchell on Feb 10th 2021


What can I say....

Written by Brittany on Feb 10th 2021

This calendar is fire! The best nude male calendar I have found. Makes for some delicious eye candy in my office. Will definitely be buying this yearly.


Written by Christina Vetter on Feb 10th 2021

Everything looks great. Came concealed packaging. Love this!!


Written by Lisa on Feb 10th 2021

Love it!


Written by Jill Langford on Feb 10th 2021



Written by Toni McIntosh on Feb 10th 2021

Very well presented. Great quality photos


Written by Lisa Amos on Feb 3rd 2021



Written by Paige on Feb 1st 2021


Just OK

Written by Amanda Joyce on Jan 31st 2021



Written by Bonnie Hibbert on Jan 30th 2021

This calendar definitely will make my year 1000x better! I literally can’t wait til the next month. Those of the guys featured.... DAMMMNNN!!! I recommend buying this!! You won’t be sorry!


Written by Bonnie Hibbert on Jan 30th 2021

This calendar definitely will make my year 1000x better! I literally can’t wait til the next month. Those of the guys featured.... DAMMMNNN!!! I recommend buying this!! You won’t be sorry!


Written by Bonita Breedon on Jan 30th 2021



Written by W Jenkins on Jan 30th 2021


Re calender

Written by Dotti on Jan 30th 2021



Written by Christopher on Jan 30th 2021



Written by Sheryl Stewart on Jan 29th 2021



Written by Shannon Hill on Jan 29th 2021



Written by Connie on Jan 29th 2021


Love it!

Written by Michelle Jaramillo on Jan 28th 2021

Great product, tastefully done photos. Love the guys!. Bought one as a gift too.

Excellent calendar/Fast Shipping

Written by Sharon on Jan 28th 2021

The quality of the photos and the calendar are exceptional. Shipping was quick took and you could track it! I have nothing bad to say! I emailed customer service and they were quick to respond and great to deal with.

Review of calendAr

Written by Carlos Hernandez on Jan 28th 2021

I recently purchased the calendar for my wife as a gift and she lived it.

Calendar review

Written by Julie on Jan 28th 2021


Inked Boys 2021 Calendar

Written by Jeff Breece on Jan 28th 2021


Review Calendar

Written by Paul H. Ledet, Jr. on Jan 28th 2021


Bought calendar

Written by Beth Dotter-Begay on Jan 28th 2021

Love it

Inked boys Calender

Written by Louise Heath on Jan 28th 2021



Written by David skinner on Jan 23rd 2021



Written by Carrie on Jan 22nd 2021

Love this Calendar will buy every year


Written by Melanie Joy on Jan 21st 2021


Great Hott fun

Written by Wendy on Jan 21st 2021

Exactly as described. The men are super hott and the posters are great. The shock value from people who see it is great. Also came quickly and they kept me posted every step of the way.

2021 calander

Written by Sharon Mathies on Jan 20th 2021

Exceeded expectations. Tastefully done and a gorgeous lot of gents to feast upon. Thankyou.

Inked boys calender review

Written by TRACY Hayes on Jan 20th 2021



Written by Jessie Schmidt on Jan 20th 2021

Love my new ink boys calendar

Inked boys calender

Written by Kim on Jan 20th 2021

Reasonably priced , good quality, arrived quickly.


Written by S Wood on Jan 18th 2021



Written by Kim on Jan 17th 2021

This calendar is hot....glad I bought it


Written by Alisa BURDICk on Jan 16th 2021

I love this calendar! This is the second year I bought it. I'm thankful I'm single cuz if I had a boyfriend, he'd be jealous!


Written by Rebekah irvine on Jan 16th 2021



Written by Jocelyn Brodeur on Jan 16th 2021

Thank you , quality pictures, and packaging! 5 Star!


Written by Danielle M Nicholson on Jan 16th 2021

Great gift.


Written by MIke on Jan 15th 2021


My purchase

Written by Kelli Turpin on Jan 15th 2021


2021 calander

Written by SHAWn on Jan 15th 2021


2021 calendar

Written by Sherri on Jan 15th 2021

The calendar is just “WOW” impressive pics. Just wondering if you guys could make one that just has a little less R rated so a tattoo artist friend of mine could post it in her shop without offending any one and still show off the great artwork the guys have. It is an all girls shop so it would be cool.


Written by Carley Stubbins on Jan 14th 2021



Written by Paul redman on Jan 14th 2021



Written by Genevieve Minter on Jan 14th 2021

Great overall


Written by Simon hay on Jan 14th 2021



Written by Ashley lee on Jan 14th 2021


Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Vivian Simpson on Jan 14th 2021

I loved the quality of the photos

2021 Calendar

Written by Fred George-Hiatt on Jan 14th 2021

Outstanding quality and great pictorials... extremely satisifed!

Inked boys calabder 2021 review

Written by Nicole on Jan 13th 2021

Loving the calendar.

2021 boys calendar

Written by Jen on Jan 13th 2021



Written by Al on Jan 13th 2021

Bought this for my bf and he couldn’t even concentrate on his work the whole day. The calendar is sure to impress and does not disappoint.

Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Donna Collins on Jan 13th 2021



Written by Tony LANGLOIS on Jan 13th 2021

My first time ordering a calendar from The Inked Boys, and I love it, sexy men, sexy pictures and good quality, I wish if they were slightly more big the pictures, I'll definitely order my sexy calendar next year!

Calendar review

Written by Jason Cullins on Jan 13th 2021

Boys, you never seem to disappoint. I love the content in the calendar again this year and will definitely be ordering every year as planned

The Inke Boys Cal

Written by Elaine Coates on Jan 12th 2021

I have something to look forward to each month in 2021!! I get double the pleasure!


Written by Amanda Wood on Jan 11th 2021


Love the calendar

Written by Cara Smith on Jan 10th 2021

I love my calendar!! Sexy men in real life poses. Great selection of men!

Best giFt ever

Written by Diane on Jan 10th 2021

Got this for my friend who sent me the link and said look at these studs so I grabbed it for her Christmas gift when she opened it she said you do know me lol Love the men

2021 calender

Written by Valerie on Jan 10th 2021

My friend i got this for was very pleased with it. Put a big smile on her face. Lol.

Inkboy calendar

Written by Xavier on Jan 10th 2021


2021 Calendar

Written by Patricia on Jan 9th 2021

I bought this Calendar as a Christmas present for my Niece. She was surprised when she removed the wrapping but was really happy with her gift. So glad it arrived in time.


Written by Marnie L Penna on Jan 9th 2021

The calendar was great. The men are super hot. Definitely full frontal nudity as advertised.


Written by They were giving us presents and they were truly on Jan 9th 2021

Loved them!!!

2021 cal

Written by LaToyia Kenebrew on Jan 9th 2021



Written by Cierra Kendrick on Jan 8th 2021


Inked Boys Calendar

Written by JulEs on Jan 8th 2021

Cannot express enough how much I enjoy looking at this calendar and seeing handsome, buff and tattooed men on my wall. And I get it all year long!!! Amazing photos. And the playing cards are even nicer to have! Thank you!!! I told everyone I know about them!


Written by Amy Venezia on Jan 8th 2021



Written by Melina Carey on Jan 8th 2021


LOve it !

Written by Olivier G on Jan 8th 2021

I simply love it ... my eyes mostly :P

inked boys 2021 calendar

Written by Jason Glasgow on Jan 8th 2021

although I do like this calendar a lot I appreciate the fact that you guys have this I would love to see heavier set guys in this in the gay category were called bears and I would appreciate pictures of this kind of style If you have them please let me know Hit me up on my email Thank you so much for doing all you guys do I hope you have a great 2021. I know I will!


Written by Jenny McGuigan on Jan 8th 2021

Love the calendar. It's very nice


Written by Trevor lewis-hall on Jan 8th 2021


calendar 2021

Written by Davin on Jan 8th 2021

Pictures are nice as expected.

The Inked boys 2021 calendar

Written by Aaron Keil on Jan 8th 2021

I absolutely love the calendar!!!! I have been wanting to buy one for a while and i finally did!!! The quality is outstanding and the pictures are really exquisite!!! You get to see gorgeous men everyday of the year in this calendar!!

2021 CAlendar

Written by Tommy on Jan 8th 2021

Excellent calendar made for a firm gift this past Christmas!


Written by Shelley Pol on Jan 7th 2021

Subjects photographed for the calendar are hot !!!


Written by Ryan on Jan 4th 2021


Calendar review

Written by Shay on Jan 4th 2021


calendar 2021

Written by Leanne on Jan 4th 2021



Written by Troyda on Jan 4th 2021

I received it.


Written by Chris on Jan 3rd 2021

It is ok

Inked BOys Calender 2021

Written by Jensen on Jan 3rd 2021

I am blushed

2021 Calendar

Written by Carla Cameron on Jan 3rd 2021

I love it! Yes the men are handsome and sexy but to me it is art of the human body and the tattoos in their natural form! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing all the gentleman in your next project/product!


Written by Steph on Jan 3rd 2021

Thanks Guys


Written by Kelly Sarre on Jan 2nd 2021

First time I have got this very impressed will buy again


Written by Ruth Decker on Jan 2nd 2021

I absolutely loved this calender. Each year it gets better and better! Hot guys too. Keep it up! Literally

Great Callander

Written by Alan on Jan 2nd 2021

Saw the 2020 version at a friends house during a small Halloween event this year knew I needed to get one. Really happy that i got this year. Great high quality photos and good calendar.

“2021” Calendar

Written by Lisa on Jan 2nd 2021

Absolutely loved it!!!

2021 calendar

Written by Ian Robb on Jan 2nd 2021

Purchased one for a family members xmas and when other family members seen it they loved it and had to order another 2.


Written by Rochelle on Jan 2nd 2021

I received the calendar


Written by Michelle on Jan 2nd 2021



Written by John on Jan 2nd 2021

Not bad

Calendar 2021

Written by Lou on Jan 2nd 2021

I'm very satisfied with my calendar

Calander 2021

Written by Susan on Jan 2nd 2021

These guys are HOT! They are Very nice to look at, I'm glad to make this purchase

Beautiful art

Written by TinA on Jan 1st 2021

I purchased the calendar for a friend of mine and let me tell you she nearly had a heart attack of excitement. I too was quite pleased and surprised that they did not lie about the full frontal nudity. Beautiful men and the perfect calendar for a naughty soul

Calendar 2021

Written by Kim Fulton on Dec 31st 2020

Extremely happy with the product. I bought 2 for gifts

2021 calendar

Written by Elias on Dec 30th 2020

Great Calendar

ReCeived <3

Written by Stephanie on Dec 30th 2020

I have it all

Calendar review

Written by Wimberly on Dec 30th 2020

Thank you

2021 caLendar

Written by J mollenhagen on Dec 30th 2020

Better than expected , terrific


Written by Jalonde on Dec 30th 2020

Beautifully done calendar with beautiful men and tattoos.


Written by Pamela Forest on Dec 26th 2020

Love the pictures in the calendar but miss the 2020 format

It's ok

Written by Mike on Dec 26th 2020

Attractive models.


Written by lisa Gauthier on Dec 26th 2020

Calendar is good quality would buy again quick shipping


Written by Jhon on Dec 26th 2020

Happy with mine :)

Inked boys Calendar 2021

Written by Emily Z on Dec 26th 2020

All I can say is, Holy Mother of God! This calendar is packed with so many beautiful men in all their glory. I don't need to consult a calendar often, but I find myself paging through this one 2 or 3 times a day; with the same result: yep, "heart eyes." The calendar part itself is minimal but useful. Of course, the real focus on the large pages is the heart-melting photos of the men themselves. And they included 2 photos per month, plus! OMG. Where's my fan?! Forget the fan, I think I need oxygen...

Great choice Of... specimens

Written by Billie haWkins on Dec 26th 2020

Bought this for my best friend for Christmas. Great choice! He loved it. Now he gets to wake up to a new man every month!

The calendar

Written by Kim Woods on Dec 26th 2020

I gave this as a gift to my friend. She loves it.

Love it

Written by Nicole Roy on Dec 26th 2020

Always order a calendar love the pictures and quality also the service

Inked Boys Calendar 2021

Written by Kayles on Dec 26th 2020

Great buy, well done lads :)

Calendar review

Written by Sally on Dec 23rd 2020

Where have you been all my life?

Thank you Inked Boys

Written by Branddy on Dec 21st 2020

Love my product! Thank you Inked Boys


Written by Mari Bryson on Dec 19th 2020

I was most impressed with the calendar I even bought extra so I could give them to my work colleagues.


Written by Fazy on Dec 19th 2020

merry christmas to me lol


Written by Chelzi on Dec 17th 2020

Very happy with that

2021 calendar

Written by Devon Showley on Dec 16th 2020

Very nicely put together. Also nice to look at even when not looking at the dates of days.


Written by Kevin Kelley on Dec 16th 2020



Written by Sandy on Dec 16th 2020

Loved it and so did my 76 year old neighbour I will surely buy again thank you

InK calendar

Written by Sandy on Dec 16th 2020

Amazing item

Inked Boys calendar

Written by Vallery on Dec 16th 2020

Love this Calendar my first purchase!


Written by Richard Gibson on Dec 14th 2020

I love everything you guy's sale


Written by Lela Collver on Dec 13th 2020

I really am enjoying my calendar. All the young men in it are very eye pleasing thanks! Merry Christmas to you all and stay safe!

Calendar review

Written by Tammy on Dec 13th 2020

Can't wait to hang it


Written by Andrea on Dec 13th 2020

Love it its hanging on January and its still 2020 ;)

Amazingly put together

Written by Gel on Dec 12th 2020

Thumbs up guys

5 stars all the way around

Written by Harry on Dec 12th 2020

I love your Calanders i buy them for a friend of mine but definitely take a sneak preview before delivery lol thank you for having such great Calanders

2012 caleNdaR

Written by Heather crum on Dec 12th 2020

I was very satisfied with this calendar. As were my friends I’ve shared it with.

Love it

Written by Katty on Dec 12th 2020

Amazing art work :)


Written by Dee on Dec 12th 2020



Written by Hanna N on Dec 12th 2020

Love Love :)


Written by Nathan on Dec 10th 2020

The pics are awesome and so dam sexy

2021 calendar

Written by Heather airoldi on Dec 9th 2020

Love it!


Written by Farah Amber on Dec 9th 2020

What a surprise

2021 Calendar

Written by Sheryl Elgie on Dec 9th 2020

I bought this as an early Christmas gift for a girlfriend of mine and she loves it!!! I love it! It is everything I hoped for and more!!!

What a calendar :)

Written by Candy on Dec 6th 2020

What a calendar :) love it


Written by Kelli Jones on Dec 5th 2020

MY OH MY great calendar

CalEndar review

Written by Adam Abraham on Dec 5th 2020

Excellent quality calendar.


Written by Joshua Wilde on Dec 5th 2020



Written by Quentin on Dec 4th 2020

I got my calendar for next year there are some good pic but I do prefer this year one over next

Inked boys calendar

Written by Caitlin Hoopes on Dec 4th 2020

Love the calendar also love getting clothes from you guys!

2021 calander review

Written by courtney spencer on Dec 4th 2020

Nice and sexy teasing photos. Lovely eye candy appealing to look at lots of nudity


Written by Lia on Dec 4th 2020

I love the way you smile :)


Written by Steven on Dec 4th 2020

Muy fantastico, estoy muy feliz.

2021 Calendar

Written by Eric on Dec 3rd 2020

A stunning calendar. Enjoyed the variety of skin tones and ages; some shaved and some hairy. All of them well-endowed - definitely showing "what makes a man a man!" Will enjoy looking at the calendar each day to see what is on my schedule....but also WHO is on my schedule. :)


Written by AmK on Dec 3rd 2020

The tennis court was a nice shot.

Great calendar

Written by Jef Anderson-Jones on Dec 3rd 2020

Love this calendar! So many hot guys Doesn't get much better than that!


Written by Lyndsey Ebdon on Dec 3rd 2020

Very well done gents. Certainly got more than I was expecting in this calendar!


Written by Gel on Dec 3rd 2020

Loving all the pictures


Written by Maria Gatcliffe on Dec 3rd 2020

This was my first time buying the calendar very impressed What can I say HOT HOT HOT Will definitely be buying them again


Written by MELISSA on Dec 3rd 2020

Awesomely Sweet thank you GUYS

2021 calendar

Written by Jesse Davenport on Dec 3rd 2020

Awesome content


Written by Diane Champ on Dec 3rd 2020

I love my calendar!!


Written by Ryleigh on Dec 3rd 2020

Definitely worth it


Written by Sherry Taylor on Dec 3rd 2020

Loved the calendar!

Very sexy

Written by Jp on Dec 3rd 2020

Very sexy, I bought one for me and one for a friend .


Written by Candy M on Nov 30th 2020

What a surprise :)

2021 Calendar

Written by Jessica Barnes on Nov 30th 2020

I love these calendars!!


Written by Marc on Nov 29th 2020

Very nice. Well enjoyed by myself and others!


Written by Jaala Lacy on Nov 29th 2020

Love love love this calendar can't wait for the new year so i can actually enjoy it daily.....yummmmy men with even more yummy bodies

2021 Calendar

Written by Tracey Ehnes on Nov 29th 2020



Written by Dany on Nov 29th 2020

Love it boys

Inked boys cal

Written by Liz on Nov 29th 2020

Brightened my 2020 with just a sneak peak, roll on 2021

2021 calendar

Written by FARAH on Nov 29th 2020

I am impressed with this calendar.

Inked boys 2021 calandar

Written by Emily Wilson on Nov 29th 2020

While the calander is amazing I bought a few for friends as I did last year. This year however there is not a censured version (not that I personally mind but a few of my friends preferred that version)

2021 calendar

Written by Helen Davies on Nov 29th 2020

Wow Stunning Hot Sexy I LOVE IT X thank you x


Written by Debbie Rose on Nov 29th 2020

Brill calendar


Written by Yolanda on Nov 29th 2020

Well let me just start by saying I was pleasantly surprised. When I placed my order I didn’t expect what I received but definitely not disappointed. Thank you


Written by John Ward on Nov 29th 2020

Awesome calendar! Where do they get these guys from? Something to look forward to every month of the year!! Might be a repeat next year!!


Written by william e shy on Nov 26th 2020



Written by Krista on Nov 26th 2020

All I can say is WOW! All the guys are amazing!

Inked boys calender

Written by Wendy on Nov 26th 2020

Excellent photos , great quality worth its money well done boys


Written by lisa on Nov 26th 2020

The cover guy is really a good looking guy :)


Written by Michael Gutierrez on Nov 26th 2020

Bought this for my wife..she was very surprised and very thankful..she loves the pics and the guys..she'll get alot of use out lf this calendar ...all year long

Inked boys calendar 2021

Written by Di Hilton on Nov 26th 2020

Yes, arrived this month in time for the new year before Christmas here in NZ. A regular and happy customer thank you very much in 2 years since first purchase. Wishing all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year at Di Hilton

Inked Boys Calendar 2021

Written by Steve S on Nov 26th 2020

These guys always put out a great calendar...this is NO exception

2021 Calendar

Written by Tiffany Pindar on Nov 26th 2020

Wow!!! Very well put together and considering these are nude gentlemen, also very tasteful. Both the women I gifted these to are really enjoying them. They can hardly wait to actually need them in the new year.


Written by Darren jones on Nov 26th 2020

This a seriously good calender, full of seriously tasty looking tattooed guys with there prize goods on display. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and how good looking the guys were and the bonus is there are posters at the back so not only do you get 2 hot guys on each month you get 5 pictures at the back. Definitely recommended for the ladies and gay guys like me. These guys are HOT!!!

ink boy calendar

Written by Carrie Montgomery on Nov 25th 2020

These guys are so hot


Written by Geneann Claussen on Nov 25th 2020

Absolutely love this calendar!!! I put it up the day I got it!! Now I can't wait until January to start going through the months. Highly recommend to anyone who like EYE CANDY!!


Written by Pat on Nov 25th 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed this calendar.

Review of 2021 calendar

Written by Bobbi on Nov 25th 2020

Holy hell, all very fine looking men and I can’t stop looking at it. Love it and have told all my girlfriends about it as well


Written by Steve curtis on Nov 25th 2020

Fantastic great photos hot guys real gem

Order calendar 2021

Written by Kathe Forget on Nov 25th 2020



Written by Matt on Nov 25th 2020

Excellent calendar, highly recommend the men are hot! It was put together properly!

Calendar order

Written by Sue on Nov 25th 2020

Great calendar

Frontal nudity

Written by Karen Sholes on Nov 23rd 2020

Bought these for several years for myself and a friend...much easier to use and display when they left more to the imagination. I'm sure I'm in the minority but some of us can't have these out on display, so defeats the purpose. Oh well. Gorgeous models regardless


Written by Amy on Nov 23rd 2020

Loveeee it

Calendar for 2021

Written by Brian on Nov 23rd 2020

Got the calendar for a Christmas gift.... but they are very well done.... will be buying agine...


Written by Kelly Crane on Nov 14th 2020

Love it and so do my friends lol The poster boy is my favourite Good job done guys Will be ordering next year Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to order, my friend is now ordering too

The inked boys calendar

Written by Kylie on Nov 14th 2020

Awsome, awsome, awsome


Written by Dany on Nov 13th 2020

sexy guys


Written by Robin Troy on Nov 13th 2020

I ordered the calendar for 2020 and now 2021. This calendar is a work of art. These men are absolutely beautiful. It made a really bad year a little better. Thank you.


Written by Robin Troy on Nov 13th 2020

I ordered the calendar for 2020 and now 2021. This calendar is a work of art. These men are absolutely beautiful. It made a really bad year a little better. Thank you.

2021 Ink Boys Calendar

Written by Heather Quattlebaum on Nov 13th 2020

Oh My God! I love the pictures. Needs the heading Double the Fun for 2021. The guys are amazing in it. Love seeing all the ink and fine bodies. Great way for me to wake up and go to sleep at night. I will order one every year.

2021 calendar review

Written by Christina Willis on Nov 13th 2020

Amazing photos!!!


Written by Tanya newhill on Nov 13th 2020

Happy with the purchase I received, very satisfied.

Calendar review

Written by Kris on Nov 13th 2020

I love my calendar! I've gotten one for at least the last three years & I plan on buying them again & again.

Calendar 2021

Written by Sharon Barksdale on Nov 13th 2020

Calendar was very tastefully put together.

2021 calendar

Written by Tammy on Nov 13th 2020

Happy with mine

Ink bOys calendar

Written by Kell Soto on Nov 13th 2020

Thank you for the impressive calendar. I definitely would recommend it to others. It made my day


Written by Amy Lamphier on Nov 13th 2020

I am very pleased with the calendar would definitely buy again


Written by Tonya on Nov 13th 2020

I have been buying calendars for a few years now and I love each one! Thank you for such great products!!


Written by Scott on Nov 13th 2020

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! How do I get date from Mr February?


Written by Gavin on Nov 13th 2020

Love the calendar. Exactly what I was expecting if it more


Written by Vanessa on Nov 8th 2020

I love that they have full frontal nudity.


Written by Shaleen Brown on Oct 22nd 2020

Love it


Written by Rita Pikos on Oct 19th 2020

Very nice


Written by Natalie ugle on Oct 18th 2020

Finally got my calendar love love love it thank you

2021 calendar

Written by Patricia on Oct 12th 2020

OH wow! I purchased the 2020 calendar last year for my sister who loved it! I purchased this again for 2021, and have exceeded my expectations, I have one this time as well as my sister! Great pics! Great tatts and Great bodies, can't get any better than this! Thankyou! :)

INked boys 2021 calendar

Written by dustin on Oct 9th 2020

Every guy is hot and tatted. I can't wait until the new year so I can start using it

2021 calendar

Written by Anneetta on Oct 8th 2020

My 2021 Inked Boys Calendar is Fantastic! I'm also sending one to an Aunt in NY & my sis in law in MI. Eye candy for all!

20210 calender

Written by Sheryl yocum on Oct 6th 2020

Like it very much. So does my co workers lol.


Written by Kimberly Anders on Oct 6th 2020

Oh my word. These men are beautiful. Tastefully done. My BFF is going to love her birthday gift.


Written by Natalie ugle on Oct 5th 2020

Thank you

2021 Calendar is Steamy!!

Written by Kimberly Page on Oct 5th 2020

Hot, hot, hot! This calendar has the hottest steamiest men! This sure isn't a gift for your grandma. Well not unless your grandma is naughty, naughty girl!

Awesome caLendar

Written by Anna Nelson on Oct 5th 2020

Great quality, great size. Love it!


Written by Kirsten on Oct 4th 2020

<3 OMG!

Calendar 2021

Written by Sebastien fontaine on Oct 4th 2020

Calendrier tout a fait merveilleux et c'est hot

20121 Calendar

Written by Mary May on Oct 4th 2020


CaLendar 2021

Written by Nicky o on Oct 4th 2020

Oh my word. Well I ordered this because I thought in my naivety that it was a tattooed calendar. Opened it and yo my surprise found it was full blown male anatomy. Got to say made my day just a little disappointed that Mr September only had the one tattoo.


Written by mila danunzio on Oct 4th 2020

I am very pleased with the quality and condition. The pictures are great and make a wonderful addition to my ladies garage slash game room. Thank you

Calendar review

Written by Natasha Hamilton on Oct 3rd 2020


Great calendars

Written by Karuno Heath on Oct 3rd 2020

Calendars look great

Cale Review

Written by Courtney on Oct 3rd 2020

Really enjoyed the views. Thanks for the show.

2021 Calendar

Written by Becky Miller on Oct 3rd 2020

Very hot calendar. Love all delicious eye candy. Very pleased with my purchase.

2021 calendar review

Written by Mackenzie Murphy on Oct 3rd 2020

Hey guys! I’m happy with how the calendar was put together, and I like that this one was printed in a way that each month is displayed separately rather than 2 months at a time.

Ink Boys

Written by Rhonda L Hagon on Oct 3rd 2020

I love the format of this years calendar but than last years.


Written by Treena on Oct 3rd 2020

I had last year's calendar and it was great. However, this year the calendar is amazing and the new layout is fabulous. If you want to look at sexy tattooed men in their glory this is the purchase for you, With the bonus app sexiness on the go anytime, anywhere. Kudos to The Inked Boys.

2021 Calendar

Written by John Ulrey on Oct 3rd 2020

Every guy is HOT! The photography is great. I love it when a man has enough confidence and pride to go "full frontal" It shows he cares enough about his body and looks, and that is incredibly sexy!


Written by Steven Petrocci on Oct 3rd 2020

Amazing shots. This year has 2 per page. And the models in back. Hot

Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Sandi Pieczarka on Oct 3rd 2020



Written by Barb RobSon on Oct 3rd 2020

Love it amazing

Calendar review

Written by Debbie Royston on Oct 3rd 2020

Brilliant product as always


Written by Angelica perri on Oct 3rd 2020

Absolutely amazing calendar and i love that i have two!! My boyfriend isnt to pleased but i love it!


Written by Catriona thomson on Oct 3rd 2020

Love it

Calendar 2021

Written by Erica Ulrich on Oct 2nd 2020

Thank you for providing a tastefully sexy calendar of intricate tattoos and incredibly handsome men.


Written by Hannah on Oct 2nd 2020

Very hot you guys keep it up! Xx

2021 calendar

Written by Aubrey Weibel on Sep 30th 2020

Love it

Amazing calendar

Written by Jennifer Young on Sep 30th 2020

I just received my calendar and I love it!

2021 calendar

Written by Beccie on Sep 29th 2020

Pictures are great!

Calendar review

Written by paula koble on Sep 29th 2020

The men are so hot and sexy. Best calendar ever.

2021 Calendar

Written by Samuel Southards on Sep 28th 2020

It will be a pleasure to enjoy next year.

Reviewing 2021 Calendar

Written by John M Halas on Sep 28th 2020

Anticipated calendar arrival greatly, and was NOT disappointed! A wonderful year ahead! Although a number of models appeared younger than my tastes, the Cover model and the 4 large prints of him at the back are Fantastic!!! Who is this fine man?? Please relay he has one more fan for life. Now; it's just a matter of finding the right size frames for his photos in the back of the calendar!! I'm sure my dear female friend will be quite pleased with her Christmas gift this year!!


Written by Lesha stollings on Sep 28th 2020

It was the best thing in the world the guys make me want wet dreams love it

2021 calendar

Written by Tracey Gibb on Sep 27th 2020


Inked boys

Written by Olivia Green on Sep 27th 2020


2021 calendar

Written by Rebecca schwalm on Sep 27th 2020

OMG!!! HOT HOT HOT, , every calendar gets hotter and sexier by the year!!! i have a few of these calendars now and I will continue to purchase as long as you continue to make them!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for making 2020 a little brighter and looking forward to a very sexy 2021!

2021 calendars

Written by samantha irwin on Sep 27th 2020

I preordered the calendar in august and I love it.

2021 inkedboy calendar

Written by Christina Munoz on Sep 27th 2020

Cool as fuck

Order PRocess

Written by Kelli Blake on Sep 27th 2020

The process of ordering was easy and the web page easy to navigate. Looking forward to receiving my purchase.


Written by EDnawebster on Sep 27th 2020



Written by AJ on Sep 27th 2020

Love it <3

My cards!

Written by Jotina Roorda on Sep 7th 2020

Dude, I have Lupus so I'm unable to go too the gym these days & miss my eye candy... being a Grandma & widow, the cards are my only eye candy! Thank you Ink Boys

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