Welcome to "The Inked Boys Shop", Tattoo Inspired Clothing & Apparel.

"The Inked Boys Shop" was established on March 23, 2013. We are a passionate, empowering & innovative company that focuses on being unique and exclusive. We create merchandise that is inspired and favored by our consumers. We are devoted to and proudly support the inked community. In a rapidly evolving society, we are focused on encouraging and inspiring positive attitudes and equal respect toward the inked community.

"The Inked Boys Shop" has an obstinate commitment to top of the line quality. Unlike heat transfer or screen print shirts, our products have an incomparable finish that causes the print to submerge into the shirt. Heat transfer or screen print shirts wear out quickly, are thick and lack flexibility, which can make it uncomfortable for the consumer and shorten the lifespan of the garment. Our direct-to-garment printing is pre-treated and printed individually to assure the longevity of the garment and a remarkable quality of goods. To assure longevity and extend to life of the garment, be sure to read and follow instructions provided upon purchase on how to care for our garments.

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