The Inked Boys Calendar 2023

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The Inked Boys 2023 Calendar

  • Please be advised: this calendar contains full frontal nudity throughout
  • Free posters with each Calendar
  • Size (10.5 x 14 Inches)
  • High Quality Photos
  • Shipped In A Discreet Manner
  • We ship worldwide

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (57)


Written by Brandan Chant on Aug 7th 2023

Thank you guys

Thank you

Written by Dylan on May 13th 2023

Happy Client :)

2023 Calendar

Written by Vallery on Apr 30th 2023

Thank you


Written by Candy M on Mar 11th 2023

Thanks guys I love it


Written by Gabby on Mar 6th 2023

Love it

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Written by Branddy on Jan 28th 2023

Love it

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Written by Branddy on Nov 16th 2022

Love it thank you Inked Boys :)


Written by Vanessa on Oct 23rd 2022

Thumbs Up <3


Written by Tashia Spradley on Oct 19th 2022

Nice quality, glossy paper with ooo-la-la images.


Written by Leeann Teunis on Oct 18th 2022

I purchased a calendar for myself for my office since I work from home. I cannot wait for January!! I also purchased one for my best friend. She loves it!! I purchased a third calendar for my neighbor who also loves hers. We all will be looking forward for the beginning of the month all year in 2023. So much fun and happy smiles for us ladies!!

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Written by Nana on Sep 20th 2022

wow you have won me as a forever client


Written by Candy M on Sep 20th 2022

As usual sexy af

Inked boys calander

Written by April on Sep 12th 2022

Nicely done ✅


Written by Cynthia Bobo on Sep 12th 2022

Love you


Written by Amanda Carlson on Sep 12th 2022

Loved the calendar. Very yummy pictures. Even ordered another one for a co worker. Thank you.

Love my calendar!

Written by Jennifer Young on Sep 10th 2022

The calendar gets better and better every year! Absolutely love it!


Written by Kelly beattie on Sep 9th 2022

Oh my god the ink boys Calendar is freakin hot as ladies. I got myself one then my mum seen it so I've just had to order her one lol The boys have out done themselves, n they should b proud of it. I loved it, n did I mention that there freakin hot lol thanks guys


Written by Ricky on Sep 9th 2022

Thank you :)


Written by Andrea on Sep 8th 2022

Amazing photography


Written by kEITH gENCO on Sep 8th 2022

This Coming year's Inked Boys Calendar is super-hot with a lot of really guys! The 2022 and 2023 calendars are by far the best so far. I myself would love to see two guys together in a picture each month, not any kind of raunchy photos but I cannot lie I do Love to look at Naked Hot Guys! Keep up the great photography and gorgeous gentlemen! I will definately be buying the 2024 calendar when it's available for Pre-order! Thank for always shipping out my products very fast and in a discreet safe manner! Thanks Inked Boys!, Keith Genco


Written by Anna on Sep 8th 2022


2024 calendar

Written by Steve on Sep 8th 2022

Like I said above I got the 2022 and the 2023 calendar. The guys on the pages are smoking hot. The material that it's made out of are nice quality for calendar. Shipping was no problem. The folks here make a very good product. Now if you could just send a few of those guys to my house I'd be in hog heaven.


Written by Michele on Sep 8th 2022

Calendar is good

2023 calendar

Written by Lisa on Sep 8th 2022

A gift and it is fabulous the new one does not disappoint at all.


Written by David on Sep 8th 2022

Love the layout and design

2023 calendar

Written by Diane on Sep 8th 2022

I just love the ink boys calendar pictures are awesome my eyes almost pop out of my head


Written by Elsa santillan on Sep 8th 2022

Love the 2023 calendar they are super hot


Written by Ahelgren on Sep 7th 2022

Loved the content, can't wait to give them out as gifts, I'm a super tat fan so this product line spoke to me in many ways

Calendar Review

Written by Zachary M Kellar on Sep 7th 2022

I love this calendar so much the guys are so hot and sexy love all the pics included can't wait to use it

2023 Calendar

Written by Jodie on Sep 7th 2022

Wow! I love these calendar's. I just have to have them each year. I love the guys and their tattoos. I love the nudity. WOW!

2023 Calendar

Written by Lisa on Sep 7th 2022

Going to make 2023 a better year!

2023 Calender

Written by Robyn on Sep 7th 2022


Review of 2023 Calendar

Written by Robert Erik Peavey on Sep 7th 2022

In love :)

REVIEW for calendar

Written by Megan on Sep 7th 2022

I ordered a calendar and I love it

Inked boys 2023 calendar

Written by CHANIN on Sep 7th 2022

Is it January yet!!! OMG, this calendar is on FIRE

2023 calendar

Written by Kristian on Sep 7th 2022

I purchased the calendar for some friends for next year - the photos are good

Inked boys 2023 calendar

Written by Noela Murdoch on Sep 7th 2022

Calendar is a good size, the images are very high quality. Although it looks great.


Written by Kala on Sep 7th 2022

What can I say you definitely got a customer for life. I absolutely love my calendar.

2023 Calendar

Written by Mary on Sep 7th 2022

I bought the 2022 calendar as a birthday gift for myself and I loved it. I when I received the email that the 2023 calendar available I had to get it as well. I am a 61 yr. old woman and I certainly love looking at the monthly man/men, I dream, wish, and they certainly look good. But when others come into my room even my grandchildren i do have to put a piece of paper of over them to cover them. I really enjoy the calendars. Mary

Ink boys calendEr

Written by Vicki Gough on Sep 7th 2022

Absolutely loved it , that’s what I call a calendar . Worth the order ladies!!


Written by dee on Sep 7th 2022



Written by Julia on Sep 7th 2022

I have been getting the calendars for a few years and every year, u don't disappoint me. These are the best calendars I have ever gotten. Thank you guy's and keep up the great work.

2023 calendar

Written by Bev on Sep 7th 2022

Well what can I say, shipped all the way to the UK, arrived well wrapped and in perfect condition. The months did not disappoint ! Hot men, great tattoos. Free poster's included! Thank you so much.

Inked calendar 2023

Written by April on Sep 7th 2022

I love this calendar, the men are spectacular and it's a good value.

Very cool

Written by Donna-Marie Turner on Sep 7th 2022

My friend loves this so much. She didn’t know there were even any of these around. Gave her youbsote to shop for herself lol


Written by Lashonda on Sep 7th 2022

The Calendar I received I am in AWE. I love it, my sister's loved it, and it is AWESOME. READY FOR THE NEXT ONE. LOL

Inked bOys calendar

Written by Melissa on Sep 7th 2022

What can I say, except for it is amazing! I love my calendar and they guys in it are…HOT! Thank you!


Written by Michelle on Sep 7th 2022

Love it got one in 2021 this year and next year's and I will keep getting them


Written by Grant Boswell on Sep 7th 2022

Can't really review this calendar as I've bought it for the wifey Christmas present.. But going on last years calendar she absolutely loves it. She's usually tucked away in her home office for hours "filing". Best thing I've bought her for years


Written by Michele on Sep 7th 2022

Calendar is good

Ink'd boys calendar

Written by Timothy on Sep 7th 2022

I love my calendars! I ordered them every year! They are an excellent conversation piece when friends come over and see them on my refrigerator!


Written by Paul on Sep 7th 2022

Very nice pictures and layouts..

2023 calendar

Written by Kahla Britten on Sep 7th 2022

Absolutely love it


Written by Wimberly on Sep 7th 2022

Love it

Love the calender! <3

Written by Sandra Burnett on Aug 19th 2022

I was excited when it arrived! The pictures are scrumptious, and it makes my day better. <3 Totally recommended for someone in need of eye candy and a great calendar.

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Written by Lina on Aug 19th 2022



Written by James on Aug 17th 2022

Thank You

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