The Inked Boys Playing Cards - V1

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The Inked Boys Playing Cards - V1

  • Please be advised: these cards contain full frontal nudity throughout
  • Poker Size (2.5 x 3.5")
  • 54-card deck
  • Different photos on each front of cards
  • High Quality Photos
  • We ship worldwide

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (56)


Written by Courtney on Oct 6th 2017

Me and my friends have a blast playing with these cards. Makes game night so much better.


Written by Elizabeth on Sep 2nd 2017

Love these cards all the men are so sexy have not used them so they don't get messed up

Playing cards

Written by Catherine surth on Aug 26th 2017

Sexy af cards love them x


Written by Susan DiGiaimo on Aug 19th 2017

OMG so naughty lol


Written by Laura on Jun 11th 2017

Every card has a different gorgeous man on it. Oh, and the cards are really good quality too.

Playing cards

Written by Christine Daniels on Jun 1st 2017

Definitely great quality cards. Pictures are wonderful. Would recommend these to my friends.

Hot hot :)

Written by Sarah on Feb 1st 2017

Love the quality and the speed of delivery. They are awesome, they used different photos of different guys on each single card.

Playing cards

Written by Eliza on Jan 23rd 2017

Playing cards are absolutely awesome makes playing cards more fun. Gave a couple of my friends a set and they like me can't put them down. But we all agreed should be more nude pics.

Playing Cards

Written by Michelle Owen on Dec 16th 2016

Absolutely love them! Makes card nights interesting! :)

Inked boys cards

Written by KellyCat on Oct 5th 2016

Absolutely gorgeous men! My friends and I have a new game called Fantastic Fantasy where you lay out all the cards and each lady makes a list of 6 cards that could fulfil her fantasy. Then cards are shuffled and dealt 6 cards to each player and each player takes a turn drawing from the remaining deck and discarding until someone has their fantasy or you get tired of looking at hot bods... As if that could happen

Great cards!

Written by Kiara Hage on Sep 20th 2016

I absolutely loved my cards. Love them until the day someone stole them..I'm insanely sad and upset. I miss looking at all my tattooed men!


Written by Shelly on Jun 7th 2016

Makes playing a game of solitaire very very 'hard' ;) Definitely a winner in my eyes and my god! Some of those men

Great cards

Written by Val on May 6th 2016

Love the cards,just wish there were more nude pics and less just the face and shoulder pics..hahahahahahah :p


Written by Ashley on Apr 28th 2016

These cards are beautiful


Written by Crystal moreno on Apr 20th 2016

I really like these cards. Makes solataire more fun.

Love them!

Written by Tracy on Apr 3rd 2016

My cards came in about 2 weeks which seems to be the norm coming from Canada. (I ordered previously and that item took the same amount of time) . They were packaged well enough to not get damaged in transit and the quality is fantastic. Thank you!


Written by Murie on Mar 29th 2016

Amazing ;)

Loved it

Written by Cody on Mar 14th 2016

I love these cards. Nothing like playing a good game of cards with some sexy hunks

Great looking men with tats

Written by Debby Jones on Mar 4th 2016

I collect playing cards from wherever I go. These are my favorite.


Written by undefined on Feb 8th 2016

Love the cards. Made my day. Have a few friends wanting them now too. Sexy guys. A little of something for everyone.

Oh lawd

Written by undefined on Feb 4th 2016

Fantastic cards

Love them!!!

Written by undefined on Feb 4th 2016

It's quite the deck of playing cards

Sexy playing cards!

Written by Kayla Stanley on Feb 4th 2016

I'm absolutely in love with the cards! They are all different, sexy and exciting! They are also very good quality!

Love my cards

Written by Shelly on Feb 1st 2016

You guys are amazingly sexy and I'm loving my new cards. Thanks

Awesome Gift

Written by Brianna on Jan 15th 2016

I bought these for my best friend, she loves them. They are very good quality.

Really good quality!

Written by Alana on Jan 14th 2016

Good quality, good price. Amazing product.

Happy Endings

Written by Dori Coughlin on Jan 13th 2016

These are the HOTTEST playing cards I have every seen!! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Happy Endings

Written by Dori Coughlin on Jan 13th 2016

These are the HOTTEST playing cards I have every seen!! You will NOT be disappointed!!


Written by undefined on Jan 9th 2016

So fun to just look at, can't wait to get the girls around for drinks and a couple games! ;P


Written by leah on Jan 9th 2016

My best friend loved his Christmas present! He is stoked to actually get the chance to use them. Thank you so much :)

Deck of cards

Written by undefined on Jan 6th 2016

Love the cards and so did my sister

Playing cards

Written by Jess on Jan 4th 2016

Love them


Written by Kendra Meyer on Jan 1st 2016

These cards are great!! I got them for me and my best friend and we both love them! Definitely insentive to play cards more ;)

F*cking Awesome

Written by John on Dec 22nd 2015

Bought as a Christmas present for a friend who loves playing kings, and sure they didn't stay wrapped until Christmas. Friend opened them early and loves them, cannot wait to have a proper game of kings with them. Fantastic pictures, speedy delivery and great price.


Written by Mikayla on Dec 19th 2015

Was really happy with the cards, they were awesome!.. thank you! Oh and the suprise poster :) loved!!!

Hot hot hot

Written by undefined on Dec 13th 2015

Good looking boys. Exactly what I hoped for


Written by Karen on Dec 12th 2015

The quality is great and delivered in short amount of time! : )


Written by undefined on Dec 12th 2015

Definitely worth it. Can't wait to have a girls card night!! You guys all look amazing!!


Written by steph on Dec 10th 2015

I will order from here again.

love em

Written by undefined on Dec 2nd 2015

I enjoy the cards very much thank you for havin em available.

Yummo dipped in chocolate sauce

Written by Cheraz on Nov 30th 2015

They are hot.. didn't realize a couple were the full frontal .. pleasantly surprised.. but I'm thinking about ordering another pack and gifting mine to a friend.. love from nz


Written by undefined on Nov 29th 2015

Love the pics

Hot n Inked... Nicely done.

Written by Amy on Nov 24th 2015

What's not to love?

Love them

Written by TJA on Nov 23rd 2015

The cards are exactly what I wanted.

Simply beautiful!

Written by Lizzy on Nov 17th 2015

They are gorgeous and I know the ladies will love it at ladies night!

Best gift 2 myself

Written by Rebecca on Nov 15th 2015

I love this company and all of their products


Written by Cathy on Nov 13th 2015

The order got to me quickly and was exactly what was described. Very happy can't wait to play.


Written by Amy on Nov 4th 2015

I love the cards, exactly what I was expecting! My girlfriends have enjoyed them with me

Who wants to play

Written by Amanda on Oct 26th 2015

Awesome!!! Bought these cards for a hens night and they went down a treat. Needless to say we now have many more girls poker nights planned. Thanks boys xox

deck of cards

Written by Laura on Oct 24th 2015

Very nice deck of cards

Great shots

Written by undefined on Oct 23rd 2015

Lovely playing cards, one happy lady :-D

Very Hot!!!

Written by Sarah on Oct 21st 2015

OMG!! Love them, so naughty :)

Nice view!

Written by undefined on Oct 10th 2015

Nice quality cards and the views are, um....delicious! I would certainly buy more products from you guys.


Written by C.correia on Oct 8th 2015

Best way to keep the girls entertained with a few glasses of wine

Pictures of Absolutely Gorgeous Men & their beautiful bodies

Written by Vense Segura-Hernandez on Oct 3rd 2015

I totally love all of the pictures of these sexy men & to have some showing all or even some of their goods is always a plus :-) I will be purchasing future copies available.

great stuff

Written by m i r rogers on Oct 2nd 2015

the products are hot

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