The Inked Boys Calendar 2020

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The Inked Boys 2020 Calendar

When you order a 2020 Inked Boys calendar, you will get a free access to The Inked Boys Online Photo Gallery. That's right....FREE access to over 30,000 pictures of the hottest, sexiest tattooed men you will ever lay your eyes on. What are you waiting for?

  • Please be advised: this calendar contains full frontal nudity throughout
  • A free censored copy will be included with each calendar
  • Free posters with each Calendar
  • Size (10.5 x 14 Inches)
  • High Quality Photos
  • Free access to The Inked Boys Online Photo Gallery
  • Shipped In A Discreet Manner
  • We ship worldwide

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (455)

Review My Order

Written by Nancy on Nov 11th 2021

Thank you i like it

Tank U guys for your work

Written by Erika Vega on Apr 28th 2021

Can't wait for the next one


Written by David on May 18th 2020

Hot guys with nice tattoos


Written by Charles Knecht on May 8th 2020

Best calendar I ever got. Can't wait for next years!!


Written by ANDREA LIBBY on Apr 4th 2020

I liked the calendar


Written by JC Dykes on Apr 2nd 2020



Written by Andrea Camargo on Mar 29th 2020

I really liked the calendar and the models in the calendar calendar

Written by Erika Vega on Mar 13th 2020


2020 inked boys calendar

Written by ken quarles on Mar 12th 2020

the calendar is awesome. so many greta pics of hot guys. kinda nice that there w3ere two calendars in explicit full nudity and a censored calendar. I like both but the full nudity is my favorite. hot guys with hot ink and hot bods.


Written by Sarah G on Mar 7th 2020

My husband ordered me the calendar for a Valentine's present!

Very nice

Written by Mel on Mar 7th 2020

Very nice

2020 Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Alicia Hayes on Mar 5th 2020

I love it!

Best Birthday presenT!

Written by Erin Rice on Mar 3rd 2020

WOW, just wow. That’s all I can say.


Written by Robert Colclough-Tipper on Mar 2nd 2020

Once again have excelled themselves. The new 2020 calendar is the best yet. I’ve only purchased two before this one. I just wish I’d found the site sooner. The calendar features some really hot guys, each one inked and fully naked. I’ve purchased the XXX one. So they all have big uncut coks. Very very nice.


Written by Charl on Mar 1st 2020

2020 <3

2020 calendat

Written by Sharon on Feb 26th 2020

It’s fantastic. The best one yet

Review of TIB calendar 2020

Written by Nicole Durcholz on Feb 19th 2020

Love, love, LOVE my TIB 2020 Calendar! I think it's great that both the censored and uncensored versions are included all in one, so you can choose which one to display without having to switch to a different calendar. I took advantage of the BOGO offer and got one as a gift for my friend, and she loves hers too! Already looking forward to next year's! ;)


Written by Sarah Shoemaker on Feb 18th 2020

I liked it.

Calendar review

Written by Kris May on Feb 18th 2020

Love it


Written by Sally Di Mauro on Feb 17th 2020

Thank you Inked Boys

Inked boys calEndar

Written by Melissa Whatford on Feb 17th 2020

Absolutely amazing. Love it!


Written by Michelle on Feb 17th 2020

The quality of the calendar is just great.


Written by Hope McGehee on Feb 16th 2020

I loved gifting this to my grandmother as a birthday present! Xander is my absolute favorite man in the whole calendar so I’m glad he has multiple months! Thank you! We taped emoji doors over the men’s penis haha! We have noticed the door covers are starting to bend! She gets curious and has to look again!


Written by Sandra on Feb 16th 2020



Written by Naomi S Anderson on Feb 16th 2020

Took a little while to get but worth it!!


Written by Ellen on Feb 16th 2020

Thank you

2020 calender

Written by brittney wockner on Feb 16th 2020

Shit!! Boyssssssssssssssssss Love it

Good Quality!

Written by Amanda on Feb 16th 2020

Good quality

2020 cale

Written by Nicole Fewell on Feb 16th 2020

I love it!!!!!!


Written by Amy Mason on Feb 15th 2020

Thank you for all the wonderful pictures.


Written by Cindy Baker on Feb 15th 2020

I have received my calendar

2020 calen

Written by Amelia Rayburn on Feb 15th 2020

Love my sexy calendar. Beautiful


Written by Steph on Feb 15th 2020

Received my calendar and I love it

2020 Inked boys

Written by Kathleen A Harrington on Feb 14th 2020

Oh lord jesus. You better be sitting down when you open this bad boy up. HAWT!!!!!!!!


Written by Bobbi Ott on Feb 14th 2020

Great pics with great ink

Wow, 2020

Written by Robin on Feb 14th 2020

Wow, your amazing men!! We loved it at the office. We lovee it at home!! The quality of the photography was splendid. You had our attention with the tattoos. The views and the poses of the gentlemen were truly amazing!! Thank you. What do you have in store for 2021? I will order again!!

review of calendar

Written by Lisa Sage on Feb 14th 2020

the pictures are very yummy!

did not know what I was in for

Written by Anon on Feb 14th 2020

I was unprepared for this calendar. Wowza.

2020 Calendar

Written by Nikki cook on Feb 14th 2020

Couldn't fault these guys...item took a little longer than expected but they kept me updated and responded quickly to emails. Would definitely order again (^_^)

Calendar review

Written by Amanda on Feb 14th 2020

2020 XOXO


Written by Jack/Trish on Feb 14th 2020

Good quality product

Calendar review

Written by Claudia Kuznik on Feb 13th 2020

Nice pictures!


Written by Ainsley on Feb 13th 2020

I got mine delivered


Written by MONIQUE LOVING on Feb 13th 2020

Absolutely the best calendar that I've ever bought with nude guys over the past 15 years

Calendar review

Written by Amanda castillo-zurobski on Feb 13th 2020


Inked boys 2020 calendar

Written by Minda Quick on Feb 13th 2020

I like that the calendar has more pictures and your choice of two different pics for each month.


Written by Gail on Feb 12th 2020

Loved it.


Written by Marshall Heriford on Feb 12th 2020

This years calendar is great


Written by Mary on Feb 12th 2020

The boys are sexy and beautiful


Written by Shiela M Boudreau on Feb 12th 2020

Beautifully done! The art of the ink and the gorgeous male forms, just stunning. And if Mr November in the tub needs help washing his back, i volunteer as tribute!

Love it

Written by Alexis Nevel on Feb 12th 2020

This calendar is just nice to look at with your friends and admire the art. I absolutely love it!!!

Inked boys Calander

Written by Rachel Beckett on Feb 12th 2020

Fantastic calender! Came packaged well.


Written by Angela on Feb 12th 2020

Loved it! Done in a classy manner. Thank You!


Written by Heather on Feb 12th 2020

Bought these for years now :)


Written by Amelia rayburn on Feb 12th 2020

Love love love my calendar

Inked boys calendar

Written by Dani on Feb 12th 2020

10/10 best calendar I have received. It is definitely uncensored but great product for women or men.

2020 calendar review

Written by Britny on Feb 12th 2020

Loved the calendar!! I thought I was going to be getting one calendar (the fun one) and then another calendar but censored. However they're both the same and have the censored calendar at the back, so you flip through all the fun stuff. Not a complaint from me at all, just kind of defeats the purpose If I was going to give the censored one as a gift or something to someone who may not want to see the full front for whatever reason.


Written by Paula Kinney on Feb 12th 2020

Very happy


Written by Amy on Feb 12th 2020

I really enjoyed the calendar


Written by Denise on Feb 12th 2020

I absolutely love the calendar. I bought one for a friend of mine from work she was so excited when she got it.

Calendar review

Written by Garza Ed on Feb 12th 2020

Thank you Inked Boys


Written by Melissa A Vallely on Feb 12th 2020

The pics are great and the quality of the calendar is good.

2020 calender

Written by mike on Feb 12th 2020

Happy with my calendar this year.


Written by Karen Bauer on Feb 10th 2020

Really enjoying the calendar.


Written by Grace Cole on Feb 10th 2020

5 Stars Calendar

Review My Order

Written by Kris May on Feb 10th 2020

Awesomeness!!! <3


Written by Tara Birkla on Feb 9th 2020

Me and my coworkers are enjoying the calendar


Written by Eric Knight on Feb 9th 2020

Quick shipping and the men are wowwwww


Written by Katie on Feb 9th 2020

The whole calendar is hot and sexy.

Review on purchase

Written by Tanya hahn on Feb 9th 2020

Nothing is bad about it :)


Written by Jesse Gordin on Feb 9th 2020

I was impressed with this year's calendar. I liked the concept!


Written by Freedom on Feb 9th 2020


Hot stuff!

Written by Melissa on Feb 9th 2020

Fantastic views each month! Whether you're looking at the NSFW or family friendly version, you won't be disappointed!

Calendar review

Written by jill on Feb 9th 2020

I’m not disappointed

Product review- calendAr 2020

Written by Tracy ferguson on Feb 9th 2020

Calendar was amazing. Shipping time was acceptable. But wow

Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Jk on Feb 9th 2020

Great calendar! Gorgeous men. Was pleasantly surprised that both the rates and unrated versions were in one calendar. By getting an extra I was able to give one to a friend to enjoy.

It's alright

Written by Ariel on Feb 9th 2020

So the pictures are of course amazing! Duh

InkeD boys calendar

Written by Jill on Feb 9th 2020

Of course the men on the calendar are handsome and sexy.

2020 Calendar

Written by Paula on Feb 9th 2020

The men are sexy!


Written by Aaron on Feb 9th 2020

Great calendar, beautiful men! Will order again!

2020 calendar review

Written by Ashton on Feb 9th 2020

I think it is awesome! The men are absolutely beautiful. The photos are great quality, sexy, and tastefully done. I was very excited about the BOGO deal, so I could keep one and give one to my best friend as a gift. Thank you for offering this product. I am so glad I saw Inked Boys on Facebook! Keep up the great work! I will definitely be buying more products from The Inked Boys.

Calendar review

Written by Melissa on Feb 9th 2020

Love the calendar


Written by Trish on Feb 9th 2020

I'm happy about this purchase!

Inked shop boys calendar

Written by Trish on Feb 9th 2020

I'm not sad about this purchase!

Soooo hot

Written by Erin Masterson on Feb 9th 2020

I bought two of these calendars and gave one to a friend who was just as...uhhum...excited, as me to have this collection of beautiful, buff, tatted men. I hope this year lasts a loooong time.


Written by Samantha Miller on Feb 8th 2020

Love the calendar.


Written by Tonika on Feb 6th 2020

Love the product

Love it

Written by Michelle h on Feb 6th 2020

Thank you Inked Guys

2020 calender

Written by Kaitlyn Ellard on Feb 5th 2020

I love it it is amazining.

2020 CAlendaR

Written by Stacey Nolan on Feb 5th 2020

Good stuff. Sexy pictures. Maybe different guy for each month would be my only suggestion. But I’m sure not every guy is comfortable showing everything. We don’t need to see everything if it’s a sexy picture. But if they’re not shy to show I’m sure the people looking aren’t shy to look.

Calendar 2020

Written by Mark L. on Feb 5th 2020

I love it!!

2020 inked boys calendAr

Written by Peter rance on Feb 5th 2020

Very nice indeed! It’ll be a nice view up on my wall in the bedroom ;-)

Xmas present

Written by Monique Gutjahr on Feb 5th 2020

My friend was away on holidays visiting her family for xmas. Still haven't been able to see her since she's been back. I'm stoked to see her reaction when she opens it. Thinking about putting her boyfriends faces over all of them.


Written by Tara on Feb 5th 2020

Very well laid out and nice to look at


Written by Juli on Feb 5th 2020

Wow. All I gotta say. Worth the price and then some!

good customer service

Written by Leslie Finn on Feb 5th 2020

I purchased this before Christmas and got it on time thanks

I got it

Written by Teri weidensall on Feb 5th 2020

I got it :)

Inked boys calendar

Written by Tatum on Feb 5th 2020

The pictures and models are good.

Calendar review

Written by Samantha on Feb 5th 2020

Love it. Photos are amazing. Gave one away to a friend she was happy as. It hangs up at her work place lol


Written by Jeannie s on Feb 5th 2020

Loved this calendar. Shared it with my friends and they bought their own.


Written by AT on Feb 5th 2020

My friend is jealous lol

2020 Calendar

Written by Dawn M Mears on Feb 5th 2020

This will get your blood pumping in the words of Rachel Ray Yumooooooooooo!

Inked boys calendar

Written by Carol Ann Doveatt on Feb 4th 2020

Amazing totally delightful calendar! I love each and every month's picture. Thank you.

Inked boys calendar

Written by Carol Ann Doveatt on Feb 4th 2020

Amazing totally delightful calendar! I love each and every month's picture. Thank you.

Calendar review

Written by Konrad Cieszkowski on Feb 4th 2020

It will be a good year :)

Great Quality

Written by M. Carpenter on Feb 3rd 2020

Give me more


Written by Denise on Feb 3rd 2020

Pictures are great


Written by Carissa on Feb 2nd 2020

So. Much. Penis.


Written by B on Jan 25th 2020

I ordered the 2020 calendars a few days before Christmas 2019. I love it

2020 Calendar

Written by Alice Dawson on Jan 22nd 2020

Love it!


Written by Neenee on Jan 21st 2020

Such a great Calendar


Written by Konrad c on Jan 21st 2020

What a calendar wow!!

Good Quality!

Written by Jenna Clark on Jan 18th 2020

Photos are great :)

2020 Calendar

Written by Tab Gebhard on Jan 15th 2020



Written by Anstettcollies on Jan 11th 2020

I ordered 2 calendars and love them! Gave 1 as a gift.


Written by Anstettcollies on Jan 11th 2020

I ordered 2 calendars and love them! Gave 1 as a gift.


Written by Jody on Jan 11th 2020

Amazing! I love it


Written by Justyn Newman Sr on Jan 10th 2020

Excellent quality, my wife and her girlfriend loved the explicit and non explicit photos, sexy pictures. Only thing missing would be holidays listed on the calendar.


Written by Monique Stevens on Jan 9th 2020

This calendar was a huge hit with the ladies !! I purchased it for a friend and I was surprised at how many others wanted one !!


Written by Cristina Barillas on Jan 9th 2020

Great pics

Love it

Written by Cathy on Jan 9th 2020

Bought this as a gift. The photos are clear. Some very nice looking men with beautiful ink.

2020 Ink Boys Calendar

Written by Heather Quattlebaum on Jan 9th 2020

OMG what a great calendar. Make me look forward to every month. Mouthwatering. Wish them guys could come into my job. I also got a copy for my Mom who loves to show it off to her friends at her work.

Inked boys calendar

Written by Stephanie A Bloomfield on Jan 7th 2020

I enjoyed the calendar :)

Calendar review

Written by Kim Hillman on Jan 6th 2020

Loved it ..

In love!

Written by Hannah on Jan 5th 2020

Absolutely love this! Exceeded my expectations

Calendar 2020

Written by Naomi Armstrong on Jan 3rd 2020

I bought this for my wife and she was very impressed and has put both calendars up side by side for the full effect - she is looking forward to October so much

Sexy ass men

Written by Kristen on Jan 3rd 2020

I am so happy I get to wake up every morning and see these sexy ass men! I want to see some firemen now too! Phew making me HOT!

Good one!

Written by Paul on Jan 3rd 2020

Love the calendars!

Love it

Written by Samantha B. on Jan 2nd 2020

Love it.


Written by Regina Klemps on Jan 2nd 2020

Very nice !!

Love it

Written by Janice Veorster on Jan 2nd 2020

Love the calendar. Great pictures. Amazing quality.

Inked calendar 2020

Written by Katrina Kefauver on Jan 2nd 2020

great calendar...very happy with it...


Written by Nona Daw on Jan 1st 2020

OMFG YUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Buy it.... buy a few!!!!! Pass them out to all of your girlfriends, especially those born in January! They will LOVE you for this gift


Written by Christy B on Jan 1st 2020

Great set up and my friend loved her Christmas gift ! So awesome to share.....


Written by Paula on Jan 1st 2020

Ha Ha love the D's


Written by Kylie clarke on Jan 1st 2020

I bought this for Christmas present and she absolutely loves it


Written by Tom Oboril on Jan 1st 2020

My girlfriend is happy :p

Calendar review

Written by Brett on Dec 31st 2019

Great calendar guys, thanks for shipping it over and the second one for free Great work ;-) very sexy men!

The inked-boys calendar

Written by Michael Robertson on Dec 30th 2019

Holy Jesus I'm well inpressed with my calendar and it will be staying up for a long time after 2020

2020 Calender

Written by Morgan AshbaUgh on Dec 29th 2019

Love the product!


Written by Kathy Vilca on Dec 29th 2019

I bought this for both myself and my sister and we both love it!

Amazing Calendar <3

Written by Adam on Dec 29th 2019

What an amazing idea! To put all these hot men together in one Calendar

Calendar/ Tank

Written by Amanda Gilley on Dec 29th 2019

Exceptional quality photos, and the top was a perfect fit and exactly what I ordered.

Inked boys calendar

Written by Pam on Dec 28th 2019

Great product.. shipping took a lil longer than expected but overall very pleased.


Written by Susan Tomme on Dec 28th 2019

Sexy Gentlemen

Calendar & tshirt

Written by Cat on Dec 28th 2019

Got them thanks

You must have this

Written by Sam on Dec 27th 2019

Everyone must have this Calendar OMG


Written by Kat on Dec 27th 2019

Merry christmas to me n my BFF!! Thanks guys 2020 is gonna be good year!


Written by Marcia on Dec 27th 2019

Excellent calendar, pics awesome!!!

awesome CALENDAR! Gorgous men!!

Written by James Walter Hanlon on Dec 27th 2019

Gorgeous Men

2020 Calendar

Written by April B on Dec 27th 2019

I purchased the Calendar and access to the gallery. Love them both.


Written by Brenda bergdoll on Dec 27th 2019

The calendar is the quality I was expecting.

Naked boys

Written by Linda on Dec 27th 2019

Beautiful calendar!

INked Boys calendar

Written by Marni on Dec 27th 2019

I am very happy to have it


Written by Heather on Dec 27th 2019

It is fantastic.

2020 calendar review

Written by Carrie anne quinn on Dec 27th 2019

The photos and the models are wonderful


Written by Kristine Birdwell on Dec 27th 2019

Loved the calendars!


Written by Jamie on Dec 27th 2019

I bought a few of these calendars as Christmas presents, EVERYONE loves them! So hawt! <3


Written by MARI URBAN on Dec 27th 2019

It is an awesome calendar

Awesome Calendar

Written by J cornick on Dec 27th 2019

This calendar is amazing with great looking guys. Will order again next year.

Best Xmas present for some time

Written by Kathrine Wallace on Dec 27th 2019

Love the ink, love the bods!


Written by MIchael on Dec 26th 2019

Love the calendar every page is hotter then the page before.


Written by Carolyn Gaynor on Dec 26th 2019

Happy Holidays Guys

Review on calender

Written by Terilynn Waldron on Dec 26th 2019

The packaging was great. And as i gazed through each month it's just pervy enough. I think a different angle on a few would do justice for the men. But they are all hot. It hangs in my kitchen and when friends come over i catch them glancing at all the months. Will definitely be buying next years as well.


Written by Jackie Holzworth on Dec 26th 2019

OMG!!! THE best calendar ever!! I love mine!!


Written by Jade on Dec 26th 2019

Love it


Written by Sarah on Dec 26th 2019

I got them! Yup lol

2020 calendar

Written by Andi on Dec 26th 2019

I ordered the 2020 calendar for my friend as a Christmas present. It was so tastefully done. She loved it.


Written by Ana M Saldana on Dec 26th 2019

Love the calendars

Great as I was hoping

Written by Angie on Dec 26th 2019

Can't wait to hang it

Excellent Seller - Thank you

Written by Marian K Reaver on Dec 26th 2019

I purchased the Calendar as a Gift. Thank you.

2020 Calender

Written by Bethany Deck on Dec 26th 2019

My mom and I loved ours

My 2020 calender

Written by Lynn wright on Dec 26th 2019

Omg this calender is amazing. The men in it are amazing. They are gorgeous and the tattoos are absolutely works of art. I love my calender and will most likely order merchandise from Inked Boys again.

2020 CaLendar

Written by Angel on Dec 26th 2019

Hot hot


Written by Ami Sanford on Dec 26th 2019

All the ladies in the office are extremely happy with the new calendar year! One question though, they are asking if May 2020 could hand deliver next years edition!


Written by Reyna on Dec 26th 2019

Thanks guys, made my day when I got it

2020 calendar

Written by Susan Clark on Dec 26th 2019

Very nice. Enjoyable. Happy I found this. Love the tattoos!


Written by Steven Petrocci on Dec 26th 2019

Great product. Love getting two so I can get friends in on it so they purchase next year


Written by Konrad c on Dec 26th 2019

I purchased the calendar and a tshirt love them both

Great Customer Service

Written by Aleisha on Dec 26th 2019

Great Customer Service thanks and happy holidays

2020 calendar

Written by Savanah cogswell on Dec 25th 2019

I really enjoyed this calendar. The picture quality was amazing. I can't wait for the next one to come out.


Written by Amanda on Dec 25th 2019

Well good size calendar love the photos


Written by Darlene Rambo on Dec 24th 2019

The calendar is excellent great pictures


Written by Merle on Dec 23rd 2019

Very Hot

2020 calendar

Written by Brett Bodenweiser on Dec 22nd 2019

It is a good calendar


Written by Joy F Alleyne on Dec 22nd 2019

Pictures are good and nicely done


Written by Lyrae Morgan on Dec 22nd 2019

They are.

Inkd calendar

Written by Johanna Rolli s on Dec 22nd 2019

Love the calendar and all the shots. The models are amazing...

Items oredered

Written by Brian on Dec 22nd 2019

I received my order and I am happy


Written by Sierra Petrie on Dec 22nd 2019

o.O I am really in love

Calendar 2020

Written by Heidi Reynolds on Dec 21st 2019

Love it as always. Wish you could add a couple of older men

2020 Calender

Written by Jennifer Stock on Dec 21st 2019

Pictures are awesome


Written by Nathalie Pichon on Dec 20th 2019

Great calender!! Gave 1 as a gift and one for me. Made a happy friend. ;)


Written by Tabbitha Dupler on Dec 20th 2019

Was worth the money my mom enjoyed her gift thank u for putting smile and blush to her cheeks.


Written by Gabriela Hanke on Dec 20th 2019

Amazing! I'm in love .... These pictures make me horny as hell


Written by Del on Dec 19th 2019

Wasn't sure it would arrive, but that's post for ya, VERY NICE...

Very satisfied!

Written by Mandy on Dec 19th 2019

Well worth the money. I recommend you buy it. You won't be disappointed!


Written by Jessica Backman on Dec 19th 2019

I love the calendar and my best friend is in love with Me. Ryan Steel!

Nice pictures

Written by Kerri Hoadley on Dec 19th 2019

Great looking guys


Written by Beth on Dec 19th 2019

WOW!!! Impressive. I’m far from a prude and the calendar definitely had my blood pumping!! Yum yum.

Calender and cards

Written by Melissa Rhoden on Dec 19th 2019

Wow is first thing that comes to my mind. Good photos. Handsome men. For a single girl like me its nice to look..


Written by Diane on Dec 19th 2019

Oh my this is awesome

Eye candy

Written by Christina Brenton on Dec 18th 2019

Calendar is nice and great eye candy.

Eye candy

Written by Christina Brenton on Dec 18th 2019

Calendar is nice and great eye candy.


Written by Jacob on Dec 18th 2019

The calendars are very nice.


Written by Alicia A Wilcox on Dec 18th 2019

I really enjoy the calendar,


Written by danielle nicholson on Dec 18th 2019

Great product. I have bought tow.

Product review

Written by Julie Morris on Dec 18th 2019

I absolutely LOVE this calendar and couldn’t go a year without one! It’s very well put together and the content is absolutely awesome! I love every single month!

Inked boy calendar

Written by Erica erdmann on Dec 18th 2019

I bought this for a gift!

2020 Cal

Written by Anthony Fisher on Dec 18th 2019

WOW WOW Love it!

Ink boy calender

Written by Francine Grey on Dec 18th 2019

Very hot and sexy!! I absolutely love it!! Can't wait for January!!!!


Written by Tj on Dec 12th 2019

Sexy as hell o.O


Written by Nicole Roy on Dec 12th 2019

Absolutely love the pictures and calendar

Review of 2020 calendar

Written by Geno Taylor on Dec 12th 2019

Just received my 2020 Inked Boys Calendar. Love, love it!! Made with quality! The pictures are erotically hot and ablaze!!!

The Inked Boys 2020 Calendar

Written by Dawn on Dec 12th 2019

I absolutely love it, it was worth every penny. Thank you to all the beautiful inked men who took part for me to perv over

The Inked Boys 2020 Calendar

Written by Dawn on Dec 12th 2019

I absolutely love it, it was worth every penny. Thank you to all the beautiful inked men who took part for me to perv over


Written by WP on Dec 12th 2019

Good photos :)


Written by Autumn Wright on Dec 11th 2019

Love the calendar and posters.


Written by Aimee on Dec 11th 2019

This calendar is great


Written by Bre on Dec 11th 2019

Arrived on time ;)

Great Product.

Written by Prater on Dec 10th 2019

I purchased this for a gift. The photos are great.

Free censored copy of calendar

Written by Nicole Blease on Dec 9th 2019

Free censored copy of calendar is a good idea


Written by Tracy Barker on Dec 8th 2019

Hot guys. Something to look forward to each month.


Written by Tor Pearce on Dec 8th 2019

Extremely happy with purchase

Ink boys calendar

Written by Stephanie on Dec 8th 2019

I love it really sexy body it great

2020 calendar

Written by Jen m on Dec 8th 2019

Honestly. I think it was tastefully done and I might be in love.

Calendar 2020

Written by Rob Tsylor on Dec 8th 2019

Great product. Purchased as a Christmas gift for my flat mate. She will love it.


Written by Gemma on Dec 5th 2019

Give me more ;)


Written by Melissa on Dec 5th 2019

It is okay

Calendar review

Written by Celest Garcia on Dec 5th 2019

I couldn’t breathe when I saw this calendar... it was so SEXY! Better than I expected. & I love that it comes with a censored version too.

2020 calender

Written by Smith on Dec 4th 2019

Happy Holidays Guys Love It


Written by Dan on Dec 3rd 2019

Wow, this calendar is sensational. The models, the poses, the artistry is all brilliant. A huge credit to the hard work that everyone has put in to bring together such an erotic yet tasteful product. And of course the Tatts are all gorgeous too. Absolutely love every single image.


Written by Anne Armstrong on Dec 3rd 2019

Very nice.. Merry Christmas to me.


Written by Kathleen D Garnham on Dec 3rd 2019

Gorgeous men, especially Xander. More Xander please.


Written by Brandi on Dec 3rd 2019

Not bad :)

2020 Calendar

Written by Jody Hudalla on Dec 3rd 2019

Holy smoking hot! Absolutely love it! I will definitely buy again!


Written by Kim Umali on Dec 3rd 2019

I have always loved men with tattoos. I love this calendar.


Written by Janice Fleming on Dec 3rd 2019

She loved it

The Inked Boys Calendar 2020

Written by Linda on Dec 3rd 2019

Hands down, probably the best calendar I've ever purchased. These men are HOT! I bought one for me and another for my sister. We both LOVE them and can't wait for January.

2020 Calendar

Written by Symon on Dec 3rd 2019

Got this for my wife for very happy woman

very happy

Written by Charles on Dec 1st 2019

I loved this year's calendar


Written by Leeona Bailey on Dec 1st 2019

The calendar has great photo


Written by Shirleen Fox on Dec 1st 2019

Very sister will love the calendar


Written by Kris Young on Dec 1st 2019

Fire Fire lol


Written by alison on Nov 30th 2019

great calendat

2020 inked calander

Written by Stacey Brown on Nov 30th 2019

Wow I am beyond words . Love this calendar.

inked-Boys Calendar

Written by Jennifer on Nov 30th 2019

Very nice Calendar and well put together!! And then you get full access to the app as well from previous years!! So well worth it!! Men are hot, tastefully photographed and fine as HELL! A MUST BUY!! You will not be disappointed. ;)

The inked boys' calendar-review

Written by Sharron Anderson on Nov 30th 2019

I love the two versions. My home bar is going to be even cooler with this calendar-i love the slightly tamer version for when stuffy relative's come to visit. Thank you and thank you to all the inked boys' in the calendar.

Calendar review

Written by Sarah on Nov 29th 2019

Just Awesome <3


Written by Janette on Nov 29th 2019

Thumbs Up


Written by ROD NASH on Nov 29th 2019



Written by Karna Jarnouin on Nov 29th 2019

Awesome product love the calendar. Would purchase clothing but nothing in plus size

2020 calendar

Written by Shannon on Nov 29th 2019


2020 calendar

Written by Shannon on Nov 29th 2019


Will most definitely order another next year!

Written by Kristlynn on Nov 28th 2019

Absolutely love the calendar! I plan to get one every year from here on out as long as they are available.

Inked Boys 2020 Calendar

Written by Shailyn on Nov 28th 2019

I loved it. All of the men pictured in the calendar are very attractive. And I will now keeping these pictures after the calendar is done


Written by Nadine wood on Nov 28th 2019

Very happy with my purchase, Thank you

Inked boys calendar

Written by Dianne s. on Nov 28th 2019

I received my calendar and certainly was not disappointed. Those are some very healthy individuals. Even my mother appreciated all the good looks. Both calendars are great just waiting for the new year so I can start with January.


Written by Holly R. on Nov 27th 2019

Quick shipping :) Thanks


Written by Brian Cherry on Nov 27th 2019

It's amazing

So many dicks lol

Written by Trishy on Nov 27th 2019

So many dicks lol


Written by Jessica Cluphf on Nov 27th 2019

Love it, it came super fast. Cant wait till January to hang it up.


Written by Jen morgan on Nov 27th 2019

I purchased the calendar and love it!!

2020 calendar

Written by Jennifer on Nov 27th 2019

Love the calendar. Love that there are 2 calendars


Written by Dany on Nov 27th 2019

Good God!!


Written by Jennifer orenda on Nov 25th 2019

I bought calendars for Xmas gifts. The photos on them are very well done. I think they look awesome. I know the people I am going to give them to will absolutely love them.

2020 Calendar

Written by Marcy L Davis on Nov 25th 2019

Love this!

2020 calendar

Written by Sophie on Nov 25th 2019

2020 calendar is the best one so far

what I expected

Written by Lindsay Clarke on Nov 24th 2019

Love it

Inked boys calendar

Written by Krysta Castillo on Nov 24th 2019

I don't often collect nudes lol but I wanted a gift for me and my best friend we could enjoy and giggle about. These men are all gorgeous.

Love it

Written by Chrissy Leigh on Nov 24th 2019

Brilliant calendar bought it as a Christmas gift but I'm keeping it

2020 Calendar review

Written by HRK on Nov 24th 2019

Love your calendar guys! I Actually got more than I expected ...and family accidentally opened it (hilarious moment) Thank you!!!

Calendar 2020

Written by Gilles Morneau on Nov 24th 2019

Great idea to include two set of calendar.In both the men are beautifully inked.


Written by Lori on Nov 24th 2019


Inked Boys Calendar 2020

Written by Daria on Nov 24th 2019

Bought myself the calendar as a birthday present. Done tastefully. I absolutely love this calendar and have made many recommendations to friends.

Calendar review

Written by Deanna on Nov 24th 2019

it is a great calendar

Inked boys cal

Written by Patti BARNES on Nov 22nd 2019

Love my calendar!!!! Awesome job guys!


Written by Ms. Chrissonberry on Nov 21st 2019

It was what I expected.

Cale rev

Written by William Oldaker on Nov 21st 2019

Excellent art work

2020 Calendar

Written by Janine Morris on Nov 21st 2019

Great to finally see a calendar for the ladies. And bonus getting a censored copy as well

Inked boys 2020 calendar

Written by Diana on Nov 21st 2019

WOW is an understatement..... i seriously did not believe there would be nudity in the calendar..... i was wrong


Written by Steven armour on Nov 21st 2019

Can’t wait to January 1st to get the inked boys adult calendar on the wall!!

Its alright

Written by Robert on Nov 21st 2019

Keep the good work up :)

Calendar Review

Written by Tina Moore on Nov 21st 2019

I have ordered this calendar for the past 3 years and I must say 2020 is your best yet. I like the option of full frontal or not.

2020 Calendar

Written by Christine Millward on Nov 21st 2019

Came quickly in the mail with discreet packaging! Yummy photos throughout calendar! Buying more for Christmas gifts!!


Written by Renee statler on Nov 21st 2019

I like it so much thanks guys


Written by April K Watts on Nov 21st 2019

I love the calendar, pictures are clean and clear.

2020 Calendar

Written by Dae on Nov 20th 2019

Very nice calendar. My cousin will love this Xmas gift that's for sure!

Inked Boys 2020 Calendar

Written by Rosalyn Johnson on Nov 20th 2019

I am super HAPPY with my calendar

2020 Calendar

Written by D on Nov 20th 2019

Received it a little early, than expected. It is good quality. Nice pics :)


Written by Steven Rose on Nov 19th 2019

Good photos of the models.


Written by Travis Schaeffer on Nov 17th 2019

Very nice


Written by Mandy on Nov 16th 2019

I’m so thrilled with my 2020 calendar. It’s my first inked boys calendar and it did not disappoint

Calendar review

Written by Jonathan boba on Nov 16th 2019


2020 Inked male calendar

Written by Gennaro A DeLuca on Nov 15th 2019

Absolutely gorgeous inked up naked men in various poses totally nude. The best calendar out there!!

You must buy it :)

Written by Justin on Nov 15th 2019

You must by this great Calendar


Written by Kristin M Ritvalsky on Nov 15th 2019

The calendar is great.


Written by Brandy on Nov 14th 2019

Thank you Inked Boys xoxoxox

Awesome Calendar

Written by Heather on Nov 14th 2019

Great eye candy!


Written by Karen M Knecht on Nov 13th 2019

Great calendar


Written by Sharon Goodley on Nov 13th 2019

Love this calendar. I love the fact that you have a choice of the almost naughty and the very naughty. Thank you gentleman for giving me something to drool over


Written by Russell Ferling on Nov 13th 2019

Just beautiful.

2020 Calendar

Written by Nadia on Nov 8th 2019

Oh My!!!

THank you! :)

Written by Tammie Perrett on Nov 7th 2019

It was well worth the wait for it to swim across the world to me down under. I love the double sided/option.


Written by Krystal Gancel on Nov 7th 2019

Its amazing. Love it. Definitely going to be buying more stuff from this site. Thinking about some women tanks. I'm a tatted bartender so the shirts fit my personality. Love your product. Thanks


Written by Amy on Nov 7th 2019

My friend loves me more now! I got her this for her BD

Calendar review

Written by Candy on Nov 7th 2019

I am blushed lol

2020 inked boys calendar

Written by Shirine on Nov 7th 2019


An every year treat

Written by Angela sosnicki on Nov 5th 2019

This is a gift to myself because I deserve it! January through December is pure hotness!

2020 Calendar

Written by Wynter on Nov 2nd 2019

I bought this as a Xmas gift for a friend and wish that I bought it for myself. Love it!


Written by Alex on Oct 31st 2019

Love you Inked Boys <3

Calendar review

Written by Simon on Oct 31st 2019

Xmas Present to myself lol

Inkboys calendar 2020

Written by Judith Arthur on Oct 31st 2019

One word! NICE

2020 calendar

Written by Janet Barton on Oct 30th 2019

First time buying, will definitely buy again! Love it. The photography is excellent, of course it helps that the subjects are easy on the eyes!


Written by Marissa O Perez on Oct 30th 2019

Great product


Written by Marissa O Perez on Oct 30th 2019

Great product

Review 2020 inked boys calendar

Written by Treena on Oct 30th 2019

Best calendar great service fast delivery. Couldn't ask for anymore.


Written by Nocole on Oct 30th 2019

Love the calendar and I also like the choice to have it more censored or not.

The inkd-boys calendar

Written by Michael Lee Robertson on Oct 30th 2019

The calendar is damn sexy and it will be on my wall for a while


Written by Allan on Oct 30th 2019

Wow wow wow!!!!!


Written by Nathalie Michaud on Oct 30th 2019

Hubba! Hubba!! What a great calendar!!! I’ll have to hang it up on my ceiling!!

Very good

Written by Aaron on Oct 30th 2019

I just love my Calendar :)

Inked boys calendar 2020

Written by Kirstin on Oct 29th 2019

Love it!


Written by Hypertyper79 on Oct 28th 2019

This is exactly as promoted, super sexy, and I cannot wait to ring in 2020 with the perfect manhunk calendar!

Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Jennifer Lee Newman on Oct 28th 2019

Hot and steamy. Excellent photography.

yearly calendar

Written by Lesley on Oct 27th 2019

I have bought a calendar for the past 3 years and they never disappoint.

2020 Calendar

Written by johna on Oct 27th 2019



Written by B on Oct 26th 2019

Really like the Calendar and the app was an unexpected bonus.


Written by Amanda Miller on Oct 25th 2019

I bought the calendar for my best friend as a gift and now I love it so much that i don't want to give it to her! Too bad I already told her I bought it for her. It is very hott!!


Written by Beth Martini on Oct 25th 2019

I love my clothing. And my sister will love her calendar. Cant wait yo order more. Recommended to everyone.

LOVE my calendar!!

Written by Michelle Holman on Oct 25th 2019

Absolutely LOVE my calendar, and can't wait to start using it! Very well put together, and the pictures are truly drool-worthy!


Written by Brandie on Oct 25th 2019

I absolutely love this calendar. This my second time ordering and I will be ordering for next year too!

Calendar & carDs

Written by Steve bolton on Oct 24th 2019

Awesome products and I’d recommend to anyone. There’s nothing like a hot tattooed guy.


Written by Megan Black on Oct 24th 2019

Hot Damn!! Very nice on the eyes.

Review on calendAr

Written by Shonalee Campbell on Oct 24th 2019



Written by McCaela on Oct 24th 2019

It’s awesome!


Written by Connie Webster on Oct 24th 2019

This calendar is amazing and so hot it almost burned my fingers. The color photos are clear and drool worthy. I'm very happy with it.

2020 calendar

Written by Christian Samples on Oct 24th 2019

It's awesome thanks very much

2020 Calendar

Written by Michelle on Oct 24th 2019

Love love love the calendar. I will be buying again!

Yearly calender

Written by G Alan. on Oct 24th 2019

Very nice. 2nd year ordering and very pleased.

I have it

Written by Kristen on Oct 24th 2019

I got my order on time :)


Written by Jayne on Oct 24th 2019


Love, love, love

Written by Sheena on Oct 24th 2019

This was my first year ordering this calendar....and oh disappointments. Thank you gentlemen for this hella amazing calendar! I will definitely be ordering in the future... because this calendar is just amazing.

Omg, I love it, / calendar

Written by Tracey Gibb on Oct 24th 2019

This is the 4th, year, I have been buying TIB calendars, and not once have I been disappointed. Each year, just keeps getting better and BETTER.! I absolutely love you guys. I just can't wait for December 31st, because I don't think that you should open a new calendar, until that year starts. !


Written by Natalee O'Rourke on Oct 24th 2019

Such a great calendar all the men are very gorgeous but as far as the "Posters" go it's not really a poster if it's still stuck to the calendar and removing it so you can display it would destroy it. If they had it separate from the calendar I would have given a five star.


Written by Alaska Butterfield on Oct 23rd 2019

Amazing job you guys have done!


Written by Lauralette Bernard on Oct 23rd 2019

First time I've bought the calender and I can't imagine why I haven't before. Now I just have to find a place to put it that my nieces and nephew can't see it

Inked boys CALENDAR 2020

Written by Kristina sproul on Oct 23rd 2019

WOW!! Didn't think it could be better than last years. I was wrong! I love getting my calendar every year, keep it up, no pun intended!


Written by Susan Smith on Oct 23rd 2019

Love my calender. Great quality and wonderful pictures. Gorgeousness

Amazing calendar

Written by Shannon Shutich on Oct 23rd 2019

All my girlfriends are jealous of this calendar. The models are stunning. I love it!

2020 Calendar Review

Written by Nathan Friedman on Oct 23rd 2019

I have been purchasing this calendar for 4 years now. The pictures are fantastic.

Great calander

Written by KANISHA JAMES on Oct 23rd 2019

Its fun having a something in my room that shows off my naughty side. This calander is awesome. The guys are gorgeous


Written by Dusty on Oct 23rd 2019

Past couple of years, I've purchased and enjoyed the calendar. The men are great examples of male perfection.

2020...a very good year!

Written by Bonnie Finn on Oct 23rd 2019

Love the calendar.....2020 is going to be a very hot year!

2020 Calendar

Written by Ricky on Oct 23rd 2019

Never a disappointment, quality as always. I've have ordered,from time to time,and when finances allow. I have passed this along, to many friends.I look forward to all the e-mails,saying whats new. Top drawer all the way.


Written by Beth mcknight on Oct 23rd 2019

Got the 2020 calendar in and loving it. Looks like this maybe my xmas present to myself every year now x

Human Beauty

Written by Ren on Oct 23rd 2019

Well - I'm not dead yet! Thank goodness. The Calendar is a great way to remind me that the human body - male particularly is a fine thing to view. The eyes, the back sides and oh yes the Ink! First year of purchase - think I'll do it again.

Just ok

Written by Brittany on Oct 23rd 2019

I know my friend is going to enjoy the calenda.


Written by Diane Thiessen on Oct 23rd 2019

I love the calendar. The guys are so hotttt!! Thank you!


Written by Sue on Oct 23rd 2019

The Calendar is amazing, great quality for the price, and you definitely have some amazing eye candy to look at every month

Great pictures

Written by Jen on Oct 23rd 2019

Very tastefully done pictures of the male human body!!!


Written by joseph gosse on Oct 23rd 2019

The calendar and playing cards are AWESOME . Will definitely order again next year .

Love it

Written by Josie on Oct 23rd 2019

I love the calendar every year I've been ordering for 5 years now, I just wish the way it's made was consistent every year the calendar itself is put together a little different

Calendar review

Written by April Baase on Oct 23rd 2019

The calendar is great quality. The pictures are clear and the men are simply beautiful examples of the human male body.

2020 Calendar and 2 shirts

Written by Kristina Harris on Oct 23rd 2019

Very good quality shirts and calendar. Better than expected.


Written by HeAther on Oct 23rd 2019

My second year getting the calendar and I love it. I will continue to buy them as long as they are available.


Written by Pierre Collin on Oct 23rd 2019

Here’s my review... We like your calendars!


Written by Nichole Bovee on Oct 23rd 2019

Thanks Sexy Guys


Written by Nichole Bovee on Oct 23rd 2019

I got my calendar thanks


Written by Sonya on Oct 23rd 2019

Never seem to disappoint. I have them all from 2018. So 3 calenders in total.

2020 CaleNdar

Written by Steve on Oct 23rd 2019

Very happy with the new calendar!

2020 Calendar

Written by Debbie Galloway on Oct 23rd 2019

OMG!!! What a way to wake up for 365 days.... will need to keep a fan handy! Worth every penny....and more


Written by STEFANIE on Oct 23rd 2019

WOW! It was so good that I bought TWO. One for me and one to share.

2020 calendar

Written by Al on Oct 23rd 2019

Quick Shipping :)


Written by Tana Ybarra on Oct 23rd 2019

Loved the photos.


Written by Nicci on Oct 23rd 2019

Awesome calendar! I’m not a prude, but I do like the other version that’s not so graphic!! 3rd year getting this calendar and I’ll continue as long as I can.


Written by Caleb Foster on Oct 23rd 2019

I got an ad on FB about it! I got it for Xmas :)

Inked Boys Calendar 2020

Written by Janet on Oct 23rd 2019

First timer here, will definitely be buying again, love the calendar and my sister will like hers. Damn!


Written by Miss Tahina hill on Oct 23rd 2019

What can I say loved it but did feel that a shower seen was lacking for my personal taste nothing nicer than seeing a good looking man shower . Please next year for January slip one in there yours sincerely


Written by Holly Driscoll on Oct 23rd 2019

This is my first calendar and it’s gorgeous. I’ve already hung it up!

So much deliciousness

Written by Swoon on Oct 23rd 2019

Absolutely love the way this calendar came out. As a writer, I have inspiration for days!!


Written by Tracy on Oct 23rd 2019

Love it :)


Written by Michele Keagy on Oct 23rd 2019

One look and you're hooked. Loving it all!

Naughty and nice

Written by Ember on Oct 23rd 2019

Suits all moods… full on wickedness or just a lil peek… delicious all round


Written by Danielle on Oct 23rd 2019

Great purchase for a newly single lady, just the buzz I needed to keep me going


Written by Allen and alicia on Oct 23rd 2019

I love the 2020 calendar it's is amazing.


Written by Deb on Oct 23rd 2019

I love the inked boys calendar.. this is my third one now. Who doesnt love looking at a hot guy for a month..

Written by Kia on Oct 23rd 2019

Let's just say I CANNOT wait until January


Written by Dave c on Oct 23rd 2019

Valander is awesome, and the website is phenomenal

Written by Crystal on Oct 23rd 2019

I ordered the calendar and a shirt. Absolutely love the shirt. Get soo many comments and questions about it. I really like the calendar.

Hot damn

Written by Lindsey on Oct 23rd 2019

I legit can’t stop staring at this calendar.


Written by Tanya on Oct 23rd 2019

Absolutely LOVE IT

Love it!

Written by Kalli on Oct 23rd 2019

Absolutely love it

2020 calander

Written by Eva j Rolle on Oct 23rd 2019

Love it!


Written by Barbara on Oct 23rd 2019

Beautiful calendar! I'm so glad I found them and was able to turn a few of my friends on to them. I look forward to 2021!

2020 Calendar

Written by Chris on Oct 23rd 2019

What can I say......FREAKIN’ HOT! Hanging in my home office right behind my equally hot 2019 calendar ready for the new year!


Written by Danielle on Oct 23rd 2019

Almost too hot to touch!


Written by Shasta on Oct 23rd 2019

This calendar is worth every penny. Trust me it is amazing.

Love it!!!

Written by Tiffani on Oct 23rd 2019

I make sure I get one every year ;)


Written by James on Oct 23rd 2019

Great calendar.


Written by dillon m harrell on Oct 23rd 2019

Best calendar hands down favorite guy is april bought it because of him tbh and april is my birth month so it works out well for me

HOT :)

Written by Nicholas Mullins on Oct 21st 2019

The new year will be hot!


Written by Patricia Cordovez on Oct 19th 2019

Love these calendars. I have gotten one every year for the last 5 years


Written by Kessixa Trosper on Oct 19th 2019

Very nice

2020 Calendar

Written by Gary on Oct 19th 2019

Love it

2020 Calendar

Written by Gary Dawson on Oct 18th 2019

Happy Client :)

2020 calendar

Written by Kiwi Z on Oct 14th 2019

I love the copy I did receive :)

Christmas came early

Written by Ry on Oct 8th 2019

I loved the 2019 calendar. Was the best gift and it certainly brought smiles to those who visited my home girls and guys. My housemates loved it too!!! Can’t wait for 2020.

2020 Calendar

Written by Sheena Hodge on Sep 16th 2019

I love this calendar! I stopped breathing for a bit while looking through it....but, I mean, damn! How can you not? So a big thank you to the "inked boys" who did this calendar. Always makes my day better to look at


Written by Annie Jarvis on Sep 15th 2019

Wow!! Juste wow!!

2020 Calendar

Written by Aaron on Sep 13th 2019

You guys are the best! I got mine today :)

2020 Calendar

Written by Stacy-Jo Rupp on Sep 13th 2019

I absolutely love it!!!! I'm 54 checking out these young and hung like a million bucks...they make my day!!! Thanks for putting it all out there guys.


Written by Annie on Sep 13th 2019

I received my 2020 Inked Boys Calendar and it's absolutely beautiful with very sexy photos of gorgeous men! I love it. Thank you guys. xo


Written by Melissa on Sep 13th 2019

I loved loved loved the calendar. The guys are amazingly hot.

2020 Calendar

Written by Debbie Galloway on Sep 13th 2019

All I can say it....I was NOT disappointed!


Written by Diane on Sep 13th 2019


Written by diane on Sep 13th 2019

excellent love it

So impressed :)

Written by Melinda on Sep 12th 2019


Love this calendar!

Written by CLE on Sep 12th 2019

Amazing pictures with beautiful artwork and canvases!


Written by Nicky Marshall on Sep 12th 2019

Great pics great bodies looking forward to January already


Written by Jenny on Sep 12th 2019

Awesome calendar


Written by Kayla on Sep 9th 2019

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!

Calendar - wow

Written by Julie on Sep 6th 2019

The 2020 calendar far exceeds my expectations. It is hot and spicy and full of lovely eye candy for the year. Yes, I opened it early and hope it inspires a sexy year.


Written by Erin Gettler on Sep 6th 2019


Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Jennifer Lee Newman on Sep 5th 2019

Smoking hot! A must have.

2020 calendar

Written by pipez on Sep 5th 2019

Extremely sexy!!! I got it for my bestie for Christmas and she is going to love the calendar. Thank you

2019 calendar

Written by pipez on Sep 5th 2019

Extremely sexy!!! I got it for my bestie for Christmas and she is going to love the calendar. Thank you


Written by Mary Bevacqua on Sep 5th 2019

Sexy love the photos

Inked boys 2020 calendar

Written by Carol Johnson on Sep 5th 2019

Loved it, all the photos are professional and the models are of course gorgeous. I like the option to show the x rated version or the g rated version.

2020 Calendar review

Written by Candy Walker on Sep 5th 2019

This is the second year I've ordered the inked boys calendar, Love them :)

2020 caleNdAr

Written by Kathy Camac on Sep 3rd 2019

Recieved calendar today 3/9 2019 thankyou

2020 calendar review

Written by K Kruk on Sep 2nd 2019

Awesome calendar well put together. Loved all the pics. Well worth the money


Written by Miguel A on Sep 2nd 2019

Excellent quality of the images, perfect ringing of the calendar, shipping between the expected parameters and the price according to the request, thanks.


Written by Jason on Sep 1st 2019

Sweet Baby Jesus! My first time and it's not gonna be the last


Written by Ashley on Sep 1st 2019

The calendar is exactly what I was looking for!!


Written by Kahla Britten on Sep 1st 2019

Will definitely be ordering from this site again soon


Written by Casey on Aug 31st 2019

Calendar has really good-looking men :)

Great Calendar

Written by John Ulrey on Aug 30th 2019

Very handsome men with incredible INK!

2020 Calendar

Written by Ginny Miner on Aug 30th 2019

To be honest, the quality is fantastic :)

the inked boys calendar 2020

Written by stella grant on Aug 30th 2019

Really good worth the money. Lots of sexy men love the tattoos I will definitely get one every year.

2020 calendar review

Written by Beverly A Sparks on Aug 29th 2019

Sexy as fuck omg!!!


Written by David Andrew on Aug 29th 2019

Love it! Best calendar for 2020

2020 calenDar

Written by Lindsey Kirouac on Aug 29th 2019

I am in love with the guys in this calendar!

The Inked Boys Calendar 2020...

Written by Lawrence Walker on Aug 28th 2019

Such a beautiful calendar...Very tasteful, varied, awesome shots. Mostly nudes and the occasional teaser, I am really happy with this calendar. And enough space for me to write little notes on the dates, such as birthdays, etc.

2020 calendar

Written by Kelly Wells on Aug 28th 2019

Hi I received my calendar in august. I am happy with my purchase. I love it because it starts in September 2019 to december of 2020. Thank you for wonderful job Guys. Love it


Written by Joshua Massey on Aug 28th 2019

I love the calendar. The guys are very sexy, love the pin ups. Worth buying.

2020 Calandar

Written by Jenni on Aug 28th 2019



Written by Pam Burfeind on Aug 28th 2019

Omfg i thought last year was hot but wow this year is better. I absolutely love love picutes and i swear the men got hotter this year. Thank you!

2020 Calendar review

Written by Pierre collin on Aug 28th 2019

Photos are good...

Review of calendar 2020

Written by Denise Whelan on Aug 28th 2019

I really like the calendar, the guys all look fabulous.

Calendar review

Written by April Baase on Aug 28th 2019

The pictures themselves are great quality. The calendar it self is great. I love it and the models are beautifully portrayed.


Written by Rebecca Thorne on Aug 28th 2019


2020 Calendar

Written by Jesse Thompson on Aug 28th 2019

Definitely like the pictures :)


Written by Shelley Pol on Aug 28th 2019

The models are HOT

2019 calendar

Written by Fred Knapp on Aug 12th 2019

Each Month was Hot as Hell But My Birth Month September was Amazing..... What a Hot and Sexy Calendar

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