The Inked Boys Calendar 2019

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The Inked Boys 2019 Calendar

Also Don't miss out on this limited time offer. When you purchase a 2019 Inked Boys calendar, you will receive the mobile app FREE for your phone. That's right....FREE access to over 15000 pictures of the hottest, sexiest tattooed men you will ever lay your eyes on. What are you waiting for?

  • Please be advised: this calendar contains full frontal nudity throughout.
  • Size (11 x 16 Inches)
  • High Quality Photos!
  • Shipped In A Discreet Manner.
  • We ship worldwide!

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (105)

2019 Calendar

Written by Bryce on Jul 8th 2019

Amazing sexy men.


Written by Stan on Apr 21st 2019

Thumbs Up Guys


Written by Patricia Shreve on Apr 8th 2019

Whew it’s so very yummmmmay


Written by JENNIFER on Apr 3rd 2019

I love the calendar


Written by Polly A Maltbie on Mar 23rd 2019

Love it

TIB calendar

Written by Shawn M on Mar 9th 2019

So excited to receive this in the mail! I opened it up and couldn't stop staring! lol I ordered this item as a present for my husband for Valentine's Day and it was even better than I thought it would be!

Calendar 2019

Written by M. Florez on Feb 28th 2019

You guys made me want to buy 2020


Written by Amy on Feb 28th 2019

Got them 2 days early and they were just as expected! One was for my best friend and she absolutely loves it


Written by Amy Carpenter on Feb 10th 2019

Very handsome men and nice photos.

Inked boys calendar 2019

Written by Lorren smith on Feb 10th 2019

Sexy as fuck lol

Product review

Written by Roneesha McDowell on Jan 30th 2019

More nudes lol

2019 Calendar

Written by Anni Swierk on Jan 27th 2019

Love it!! Much bigger than previous years! Buy one every year, but this year's is the best ever!


Written by Ls on Jan 23rd 2019

Excellent pics good quality


Written by Brandi on Jan 23rd 2019

Always a pleasure to see naked men while writing in my training log. Cheers!!

Calendar review

Written by Charlotte C on Jan 23rd 2019

This is my second year getting their calendar. They always have great specials on this site. I'm super happy. They updated me on the progress of the shipment almost daily. I gave 1 as a gift kept the other. Great quality photos. A classy artsy calendar. I plan to get my 3rd next year as well. Thank you all

Calendar review

Written by Charlotte C on Jan 23rd 2019

This is my second year getting their calendar. They always have great specials on this site. I'm super happy. They updated me on the progress of the shipment almost daily. I gave 1 as a gift kept the other. Great quality photos. A classy artsy calendar. I plan to get my 3rd next year as well. Thank you all


Written by Sharelle on Jan 14th 2019

2019 is a nude year lol

Product review

Written by Margaret Hutchens on Dec 29th 2018

Love love love them :)


Written by Sara on Dec 28th 2018

I've purchase the calendar the last 3 years :)

Inked boys 2019 calendar

Written by Donna Shaw on Dec 26th 2018

It was a Christmas present for my daughter who had a smile a mile wide once she saw how great it was. Now to order one for me


Written by R joy on Dec 22nd 2018

Thanks Boys

tib calender

Written by Kristi Reid on Dec 20th 2018

The models are sexy as fuck!

Calender 2019

Written by Kimmie clark on Dec 12th 2018

Omg I love it

2019 inked boys calendar

Written by Alys on Dec 6th 2018

Love it :)

2019 calander

Written by Tracy on Dec 3rd 2018

Recieved my calander today have to say roll on january the 1st its full of handsome men yes i did look at the faces 2 lol

2019 calendar

Written by Natashia McMurrin on Nov 29th 2018

The calendar is great

The inked boys calendar/ mobile app

Written by Lisa Kopke on Nov 15th 2018

I received the calendar and absolutely love it :)


Written by Lisa on Nov 14th 2018

Wow, amazing photos

2019 calendar

Written by Lisa Lemberger on Nov 7th 2018

Very gorgeous men and the girls where I work love the calendar


Written by Corrie Reynolds on Nov 5th 2018

Wow, I love this calendar, can't wait to put it up

2019 inked boys calendar

Written by JOSEPH CAPONEGRO on Nov 1st 2018

Great work! Love it

2019 Calendar

Written by Nathan on Oct 31st 2018

The fact that the guys are nude is an extra plus. Hard bodies, hard asses and hard cocks. all with tats. what more could you ask for.

Pure Beauty

Written by Jeannette on Oct 28th 2018

These men are works of art and so deliciously beautiful!

Inked Boys Calendar 2019

Written by John U on Oct 25th 2018

Excellent Calendar! The Inked Boys are so handsome!

2019 calender review

Written by Nick f on Oct 25th 2018

Great product, fun to have & eye candy for all...thx inked boys!!! & thx to all the guy's who model etc....


Written by Sheila on Oct 25th 2018

Great customer service as always - love the changes to this years calendar.

Calen 2019

Written by Mandy on Oct 25th 2018

Omg amazing quality calendar with very sexy pictures and price and delivery to England was also very good Thank you


Written by April Whitehead on Oct 25th 2018

I loved the calendar

2019 Inked Boys Calendar

Written by Geno Taylor on Oct 24th 2018

High quality. Highly erotic. Perfect for daily perusal. Will look great on wall. Wonderful way to identify day and date.

So Hot it got my ink flowing

Written by Lucas on Oct 23rd 2018

The models are amazing, the images are so hot and sexy my ink was flowing .... maybe to be fair a calendar with amazing women should also be created for those who will enjoy that viewing pleasure :) Amazing job and wow ... smoking hot

Great Calendar

Written by Gil on Oct 22nd 2018

Love the large size photos on high quality paper.

best calendar ever

Written by Moni on Oct 22nd 2018

Welldone guys , looks like you listened to the customers and gave them what they wanted....nude, nude and more naked gorgeous god blessed male bodies . Super impressed, didn't want to give it as a present but decided not to be greedy and share the love .


Written by Rhonda bellville on Oct 21st 2018

Absolutely beautiful. I love it


Written by Mrs Joanne Shellis on Oct 21st 2018

Great customer service, great item ,

Thank you :)

Written by Amy B on Oct 21st 2018

My calendar is here :)

2019 calendar

Written by Gilles Morneau on Oct 21st 2018

Beautiful men with tattoos,good size wall calendar,good quality paper.

Ink boys calendar

Written by Petra Gehnen on Oct 19th 2018

wow my respect to the ink boys and the photographer

Review 2019 Calendar

Written by Janet on Oct 19th 2018

For the past couple of years my niece has asked me for this calendar. As soon as she receives her notification, she will message me and says "Auntie, I know what I want for Xmas!" Yes, she is old enough to receive this, and we both like looking at the tattoos.

2019 calendar

Written by Pam Burfeind on Oct 19th 2018

I love this calendar I actually got 2 and gave one to my gay friend and he fell in love with it.

2019 inked boys calendar

Written by Rodney on Oct 19th 2018

Great calendar, love the monthly pics.


Written by Andrew H on Oct 18th 2018

WOW!!! The HOTTEST calendar ever. These boys are SEXY AF!!!

5 star

Written by D on Oct 18th 2018

Can't wait for 2019


Written by Neil Beck on Oct 18th 2018

Calander is great some great tattoos on show, will go great on my wall

2019 Nudity calendar

Written by Billy on Oct 17th 2018

The best one you've made yet 100% happy with my purchase. You should make nudity playing cards next that would be so hot.

2019 calendar

Written by Edward King on Oct 17th 2018

OMG, hot as hell. Love it , hot guys and hot tats. And hot peepee's :)

So hot

Written by Ashleigh Alfred on Oct 17th 2018

Enough to fulfill your wildest wet dreams

2019 Calendar

Written by Eva Loudermilk on Oct 17th 2018

OMG!!! What I can say, but WOW!!!

2019 Calendar

Written by David Mills on Oct 16th 2018



Written by Shelley Pol on Oct 16th 2018

Wow so much more than I expected thank you so much !! So worth it


Written by Janine Lovell on Oct 16th 2018

THANK YOU!! I have been waiting and was thrilled to finally receive it. Love it!!


Written by Matt Sefont on Oct 16th 2018

Very very impressed. All done in good taste and a great mix of guys. Will be more than happy to have this hanging in my room cum Jan 2019.

the inked boys calendar 2019

Written by stella grant on Oct 15th 2018

Fab pictures of sexy men with fab tattoos.

2019 Inked boys calendar

Written by Tim T on Oct 15th 2018


2019 Calendar

Written by Darlene Lyman wong on Oct 14th 2018

I loved the new 2019 Calendar, I wasn't expecting it to be as pleasing as it was! I would recommend it to all the ladies that love hot good looking men with much to show... I don't want to spoil it for anyone! If you haven't seen it, it it a must see, and a must have. Let me warn you! You will be looking at it for some time to come, you won't want to put it down! Ladies don't wait get yours now, love it....

2019 calendar

Written by Michele Keagy on Oct 14th 2018



Written by Tracey Gibb on Oct 14th 2018

year products never disappoint. I am always impressed & extremely satisfied.

Inkedboys calander

Written by Natasha Gamboa on Oct 14th 2018

I'm so happy with my calander, it's more than I imagined. I truly would recommend anyone to buy it. I'm more than positive you'll love it just as much as I do.

2019 Calendar

Written by Mark on Oct 14th 2018

It's bigger and better for 2019! Full on nude guys and in a larger physical format so you can enjoy everything on a bigger page. It will definitely make marking the months of the year a lot more enjoyable.

Review 2019 CALandar

Written by Helen Mercer on Oct 14th 2018

I love the calendar

2019 calendar

Written by Fonda Lynn Williams on Oct 14th 2018

I like the new calendar :)


Written by Matt on Oct 14th 2018

I'd buy another one lol

Great product

Written by Michael on Oct 14th 2018

This is a great product. The pictures are sexy but Still tastefully done


Written by ANDREA on Oct 14th 2018

This is the second year I've purchased the calendar, and I loved it.

2019 calendar

Written by Gary on Oct 14th 2018

Shut up and take my money every year

2019 Calendar

Written by Mercedez on Oct 14th 2018

Absolutely love titthe calendar! I would love to see more pictures showing off the mens' butts though. :)

2019 calendar

Written by Megan on Oct 14th 2018

Love this calendar! It does not disappoint! Can’t wait to see what they do for the next year, I will get one every year!

Love it

Written by Ashley on Oct 14th 2018

Stunning pictures, you will not be disappointed!

2019 ink boys calendar

Written by Jennifer Young on Oct 14th 2018

I love it! The pictures are great and interesting!! I've been a customer for 3 years and it just gets better and better.

Calendar review

Written by Louise Bush on Oct 14th 2018

Hot calendar

Love the calendar

Written by charlene ostroski on Oct 14th 2018

The inked boys calendars are awesome

2019 Calendar

Written by Sharon Goodley on Oct 14th 2018

Wow ! Even better than last years which was my 1st The Inked Boys calendar. I have for many years complained of no equality for the sexes that a lot of us females would love to see full nudity and this calendar delivers . Thank you all who contributed to making this calendar I Love It !

2019 calander

Written by Becca horton on Oct 14th 2018

Love it

Calendar 2018

Written by Dusty dirt on Oct 14th 2018

It's a great calendar! Even better now that the guys are exposed!


Written by Gael macneill on Oct 13th 2018

Love it

2019 calendar

Written by Becky S Cruz on Oct 13th 2018

OMG!!! That is all i can say... Wow.. Greatest calendar EVER...


Written by Stacey on Oct 13th 2018

Bought this for a gift. Nice quality, I'm sure she will love it!

2019 calendar

Written by Joanne Barbour on Oct 13th 2018

OMG Wow There is not enough words for the hotness in the 2019 calendar

Ink boy 2019 calendar

Written by Felicia Sonia Ballantyne on Oct 13th 2018

Loved it!!

2019 calendar

Written by Deanna Hemara on Oct 13th 2018

Arrived in perfect condition and exactly what I expected

2019 Calendar

Written by Barb Flores on Oct 13th 2018

Best full nudity Calendar I have seen! Very well done and guys are super hot!


Written by LadyTaz69 on Oct 13th 2018

This is an amazing Calendar, I am very pleased with it and your app. Please keep it up guys women love to look and daydream about yall too...

The Inked Boys 2019 Calendar

Written by Charles Hansen on Oct 13th 2018

I cannot say enough of the artistry of how the calendar was setup. The Men are beautifully positioned to suit the backgrounds they are suited with. The Tatoo's do at times tell a story, a story that only the subject can really explain. The mere male body, as exquisite as it is, beautifies not only the Man himself, but the beauty inside that radiates off the pages. Thank You to all of The Inked Boys (MEN), who have portrayed themselves, thank you for your honesty and your Ink! Sincerely, Charles Hansen

You never Disappoint me

Written by Jen on Oct 13th 2018

You never Disappoint me

2019 calendar

Written by Christine on Oct 13th 2018

This is my 3rd year ordering. Wow wow!!!


Written by Alexandra Walsh on Oct 13th 2018

This is a great purchase! Love it


Written by Victoria on Oct 13th 2018

Love the calendar........ was not disappointed. Thank you !!!!!!!


Written by Isabelle on Oct 13th 2018

I am blushed lolllll

2019 Calendar Review

Written by Denise Whelan on Oct 13th 2018

What can I say about this calendar other than WOW! These guys are absolutely gorgeous, and lovely to look at! Whoever the photographer is, kudos to that person for such glorious pictures.


Written by Tiffani on Oct 13th 2018

Well I very much enjoyed the calendar.

2019 Calendar

Written by Gerri Anne Luciuk on Oct 13th 2018

It was not what I expected. It was way better. 2019 is going to be an excellent year for viewing. Extremely pleased with my purchase. Thanks Inked Boys. Keep doing what you do best, making us very happy.


Written by Kasey on Oct 3rd 2018

Best Calendar Ever!!!!!!


Written by Brandi on Sep 30th 2018

I have bought a calendar for the last 3 years, that includes the 2019 calendar. They are a great way to start the day.


Written by Christa on Sep 27th 2018



Written by Tracey Gibb on Sep 7th 2018

wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, it is about time something was done like this for women.! I fucking love it!


Written by Vennessah on Aug 20th 2018

I love this calendar!!! I got the 2018 one and I’m deffidently getting this one too!! Xxxooo

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