The Inked Boys Playing Cards 2020

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The Inked Boys Playing Cards 2020 / BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

When you order the 2020 Inked Boys Playing Cards, you will get a free access to The Inked Boys Online Photo Gallery. That's right....FREE access to over 30,000 pictures of the hottest, sexiest tattooed men you will ever lay your eyes on. What are you waiting for?

  • Please be advised: these cards contain full frontal nudity throughout
  • Free access to The Inked Boys Online Photo Gallery
  • Poker Size (2.5 x 3.5")
  • Waterproof Cards
  • 54-card deck
  • Different photos on each front of cards
  • High Quality Photos
  • We ship worldwide

In order to get this product you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
You acknowledge and agree that you are 18+ by placing an order.

Reviews (83)

Playing cards

Written by Tiffany Levron on Sep 22nd 2020

Perfect ❤❤


Written by Ivy on Sep 17th 2020

Love these great for girls night! Good quality!


Written by Vanessa S on Sep 16th 2020

These cards are great. Definately conversation pieces. There is a variety of images that are hard to look away from.


Written by Haley Buckley on Sep 15th 2020

Fucking Awesome wowww


Written by Barbara A Updegraff on Sep 9th 2020

Awesome sets...they will make my daughter's smile when they get these as stocking stuffers for Christmas..


Written by Aileen on Sep 9th 2020

Words can't describe how happy I m with my playing cards....The pics r AMAZING

Deck of cards

Written by AMANDA HANSBARGER on Sep 9th 2020

Bought these as a gift for one of my girlfriends. They were loved. Great photos.

Review My Order

Written by lisa on Sep 9th 2020

Addicted :)

Playing cards

Written by Lisa Limbach on Sep 9th 2020

I absolutely love them. I love men, all men. I love looking at them.

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Written by Steven Caldwell on Sep 4th 2020



Written by Karrie on Aug 29th 2020

Really love the cards. I could look at them app day if I didn't have responsibilities lol.

Inked boys purchase

Written by S. Evans on Aug 29th 2020

The item came so quickly and arrived in excellent condition. The email updates on the shipping process was also helpful. Thank you!

2020 playing cards

Written by Eden on Aug 28th 2020

Love them

You get what you pay for !

Written by Sarah on Aug 24th 2020

Although I am always cautious about buying from any sites I see on on Facebook but glad I did after all , because I bought these as an early Christmas gag gift for my mom and opened the free pack to see if both packs were the same and I knew when I seen them , that I can't wait to see her face when she opens them


Written by Bonnie Coulter on Aug 21st 2020

Love them

Playing cards

Written by Edna on Aug 20th 2020

These cards are wonderful! The absolute best!

Love them

Written by Crystal Foss on Aug 20th 2020

I got them a few weeks ago. I love the cards. Good quality, and perfect for girls night poker game.

Play card

Written by Evelyn Diaz on Aug 16th 2020

It very nice i likes


Written by Tracie on Aug 12th 2020



Written by Aaron on Aug 12th 2020

Give me more lol

Oh My!

Written by Mina on Aug 8th 2020

I ordered these cards for my birthday and they are everything and more!! I can't wait to have a girls night. Definitely would buy again!!

PlAying cards

Written by Marie-claude on Aug 7th 2020

Love it ! I’m an expert at solitaire and girl’s night playing poker was and never be the same again


Written by Melissa on Aug 7th 2020

I love them. I bought a set for me and one for a friend's birthday gift. She loved it as well.

playing cards

Written by Paula D on Aug 7th 2020

Worth. Every. Penny.

Inked Boys Playing Cards

Written by Angela Carle on Aug 4th 2020

Thorough communications, great packaging, and beautifully made quality cards. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Products received :)

Written by Letitia on Aug 2nd 2020

Thank you

Playing cards

Written by Leanne Guidry on Aug 1st 2020

These cards are great. Good quality and awesome photos. The guys look great.


Written by Shelby Speicher on Aug 1st 2020

Those boys are sexy! I love the cards!

Inked boys player cards

Written by Stephanie Brooker on Aug 1st 2020

Risque wow I have no words! Speechless good thing they are waterproof!

Playing cards

Written by Kristine BALLARD on Jul 31st 2020

Love them


Written by Megan on Jul 30th 2020

fast shipping..great quality i love them

Playing cards

Written by Suzi on Jul 14th 2020

This has probably been one of the best experiences I've had ordering online.


Written by Debra on Jun 28th 2020

I am pleased

2020 playing cards

Written by Steve Rowe on Jun 25th 2020

Hot stuffs

Heads up

Written by Katy Spiegel on Jun 3rd 2020

Just so you're aware, full nudies! ;)

Great item

Written by Alora Fisher on May 27th 2020

Love these cards, girls card night just got wilder. Picture quality is amazing.


Written by Katie on May 22nd 2020

The pictures are fine love them


Written by Ashlee on May 22nd 2020

I do like the cards.

playing cards

Written by Tracy on May 15th 2020

Thanks Guys <3

My Review

Written by Hanna on May 15th 2020

Love all the pics


Written by Stascia on May 15th 2020

I got them.

Playing cards

Written by Jen on May 15th 2020

They are very well made


Written by Mehgan Hanson on May 15th 2020

The cards were received :)

Inked Boy cards

Written by Kristi E on May 15th 2020

My aunt is going to love these!! They turned out sooo good!

Deck of cards

Written by Valerie Lavoie on May 15th 2020

Nice pictures real fun to play with ;)

2020 playing cards

Written by Marie Switzer on May 15th 2020

Good quality love them

Very surprised sister

Written by Tracy Halliday on May 15th 2020

Sister loved the cards and so did I


Written by Stephanie on May 15th 2020

Just wow wow

Playing cards

Written by Adrienne Thomas on May 15th 2020

Omg!! These cards are more amazing than I originally thought!


Written by Hannah Kent on May 9th 2020

Love the product good quality


Written by Smith on May 9th 2020

Love this

Playing cards

Written by Helene on May 9th 2020

Nice pictures

Order review

Written by Stacy M Pyle on May 8th 2020

Love them


Written by Ben on May 8th 2020

The men are sexy and there is a large variety of them

Review of product

Written by cassidy Humphrys on May 8th 2020

I had given one set as a gift. They loved them and so did I. Product is great. Keep up the good work!


Written by Allan on May 8th 2020

Love mine :)

Playing cards

Written by SuZanne on Apr 30th 2020

I am going to be playing a lot more cards in the future. They are what I expected and more. I appreciate all the gorgeous guys that participated in the making of them for dirty birds like me! I’d be making a wall collage with my extra deck if I thought my guy would permit it!


Written by Amanda on Apr 30th 2020

Love these cards with different photos on each one

Happy customer

Written by Sarah Smith on Apr 30th 2020

Great cards

Worth the money

Written by Amber M Perkinson on Apr 30th 2020

Love them

Inked Boys 2020 Playing card review

Written by Liz Walsh on Apr 30th 2020

The cards are awesome.

Deck of playing cards

Written by Arianna on Apr 30th 2020

Definitely was not expecting the whole view but did not disappoint!!I I opened them up and I turned red !

Love them

Written by Tiffany Stephens on Apr 30th 2020

Best purchase ever :)

Inked boys card

Written by Christie on Apr 25th 2020

I love my card!


Written by Danielle on Apr 24th 2020


Playing cards

Written by Denise Sheneman on Apr 17th 2020

These are great quality. I am very happy with my purchase. I just wish I had found your company sooner

Love it!!!

Written by Briana Brown on Apr 15th 2020

Best gift ever! My friend loves it! And so do I lol

Inked boys playing cards

Written by Rebecca vandendries on Apr 12th 2020

I absolutely love theses. I got the deal buy one get one free.


Written by ANDREA LIBBY on Apr 4th 2020

I just loved the playing cards they will be great for our girls night.

Recent order

Written by D.pott on Mar 30th 2020

Great quality.. makes every hand a good one

The Inked Boys Playing Cards 2020

Written by FELECIA on Mar 30th 2020

I ordered these for myself and a couple of friends. Gorgeous pictures on every card. These were a great hit with everyone. Thanks for always having such quality products...will definitely continue to purchase from your site.

Love these cards!

Written by Hayden on Mar 29th 2020

These are some sexy playing cards and I can't wait to use them. Perfect for a girls night in playing cards or just to look at alone

Sexy playing cards

Written by Ashley Yahl on Feb 12th 2020

I bought these cards to use on my girls bowling league and let me tell you they are a hit! We have other teams coming to look at our cards so we can all get an eye full..

playing cards are fire

Written by aaron on Feb 5th 2020

the inked boys playing cards are sexy as hell. i haven't played cards with them yet but, i have gone thru the deck to check them out. damn, sexy ass dudes!!

2020 Playing Cards

Written by Morgan Ashbaugh on Dec 29th 2019

Happy with what I received! Love the playing cards! Expectations were checked off!


Written by danielle nicholson on Dec 18th 2019

I really Liked the cards really great product

Dirty playing cards

Written by Pippin on Dec 3rd 2019

Worth the price.

GREAT cards

Written by Cheri on Nov 27th 2019

I absolutely love the cards. It makes any card game fun.

Playing cards

Written by Steven Rose on Nov 19th 2019

Good photos of the models used.


Written by Amy on Nov 7th 2019

Love them. They are so awesome.


Written by mISSYNAE on Oct 28th 2019

Loved the cards

Playing cards

Written by dillon m harrell on Oct 23rd 2019

Very nice and smooth the pictures are amazing


Written by Jared on Oct 6th 2019

You guys made my day! Love my cards I will be ordering again.

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